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Monday, June 24, 2019
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Sequel to Primeval Earth Energy on Magnetism, Electricity and Gravity.

Primeval Earth Energy The ... we now throw in a data memory facility to the PEE. Take dowsing, where the PEE is sent to earth by the brain saying Gold or China or Water or whatever

Primeval Earth Energy The Sequel


Say we now throw in a data memory facility to the PEE. Take dowsing, where the PEE is sent to earth by the brain saying Gold or China or Water or whatever is being searched for then having received a mental confirmation tag on that the brain thinks what depth.
Sounds far fetched doesn’t it but that is exactly what dowsers do, via the rod or the pendulum. Just try a pendulum 29 inches long over a gold bracelet or ring. Think find gold and it circles the bracelet then think how many inches below the pendulum, and circle that many times and stop.

And it does, doesnt it.

Is this far fetched, after all, you just did it yourself. Anyone can. Surely something is communicating between the brain and the pendulum and the object, why not intelligent memory PEE, which can pass from the body to the earth pre programmed by the brain.
Take this in tandem with sound waves and we see the path clear for hypnotism, as PEE passes over sound waves between brains a step further, telepathy sans sound but still energy transference with data memory, no more odd than wireless computer comms same energy being involved so eventually the message could be contained in the energy itself between computers perhaps.
Deja vu could well be stray PEE being seen twice like a rebound, similar to synchronicity being a pointer PEE left from a previous attempt by someone elses research being triggered by your own need of the self same data object.
Look at telekinesis, poltergeists and ESP in a similar vein . Try thinking on the avenues for this yourself. It fits in .

On a totally different tack, if there is so much surface attrition, for so very very long on the surface of the Earth due to geological or man made disharmony and disaster, and conversely there is so much warmth, shelter and ley line PEE flowing freely and abundantly underground from pole to pole, then surely it makes sense that there must be beings living underground where energy is easily tapped into, there is no need for heating or shelter from the elements and light sources fuelled by PEE could easily support and sustain abundant crops coupled with the unquenchable water supplies. Perhaps extra and differing energy could also be gleaned from tree roots underground, maybe thats why they are called tap roots. In the event of a meteor disaster or nuclear holocaust I would imagine we would be forced underground anyway whether we liked it or not, and there is no reason to suppose this has not happened before.
Next time we will finish our trilogy with a glimpse into pre history and our future. Malc pugh copyright may 27th 2004

Primeval Earth Energy
Pre History and our future.

Down the centuries all previous efforts of man are relegated to being pathetic attempts at civilisation falling short of our own lofty standards. No credence is given to a possibility that the perpetrators were at least as accomplished as us, if not superior. Many of these artefacts and achievements will in any event have been swallowed up by time, eroding and rusting and decomposing and decaying until only the most durable edifices survive in any case. Even the pyramids and the Sphinx were originally covered in an outer coating long since flaked off most of their surfaces. Yet we seem to treat all pre history as being infinitely subordinate to our own science. Take this one example, the Pyramids. There is sufficient evidence to suppose a flow of energy is generated simply by their being there. This may well be tapping into PEE centuries before us, yet we still struggle on on oil, gas and nuclear fuels, all finite and some with distinctly problematic by products.
So who is the more advanced if this were the case.

The proliferation of pyramids all over the globe prompted speculation it was copy cat after the Egyptians, and perhaps before that Atlanteans, who may have been even more advanced, but their satellite states like Egypt may have only retained the technology until it stopped working or no one remained who knew how to keep it going.
In this case is it not probable that the Pyramids, wherever their location, were actually forms of power stations.
I find many previously inexplicable things in antiquity take on a fresh meaning too when viewed in the light of Primeval Earth Energy.

More recently, nothing has caused more speculation than the Philadelphia experiment, well documented by others and needing no help from me.
The intention, apparently, was to make the destroyer, the Eldridge, invisible. The means were disputed, but I believe
were four huge Tesla coils, two attached to each side of the hull. Taking my previous examples of magnets being able to deflect or absorb Primeval Earth Energy to create a void, or nothingness in between them , where possibly spacecraft could lift off sans gravity as we deem it, then in this case we have a ship and men in somewhere there should be nothingness when the coils were switched on. Presumably this is what was intended to promote invisibility. However, a ship and men cannot be a ship and men AND nothingness. Where can it go. It could perhaps shift into a massless state and move in time. Which is virtually what has been described in what happened if you read about it. But the men were still moving so when it all was turned off, mass reasserted itself, with the apparent grisly and grotesque consequences reported physically.
Let us now consider this further. The survivors often went into a FREEZE where they were STUCK in time. Is it not possible this is because their bodies had some PEE from the time of the experiment, and some from where and when they ended up, reputedly Montauk, in another time entirely. If so, surely there would be a contrary pull at times by the different constituent PEE trying to get back to their own Earth time frame, with the men being caught in between so to speak, until one PEE transcended for a time. This would explain some of them walking through walls and disappearing in the middle of a fight, widely attested as true by onlookers. If time is involved matter can not be it would seem, and also PEE seems to carry a time stamp with it.
Consider there are actually other dimensions, widely believed to be feasible by recent theories. If there is a time stamp on PEE I see no reason why there should not be a dimension stamp as well. Perhaps when we die, and PEE presumably cannot reside any more, then we move into another dimension and then continue with different PEE from that dimension.
Assume for a moment that troubled souls so to speak actually retain some of our dimensions PEE upon death, the brain not wanting to relinquish but the body giving out. When transference to another dimension occurred, surely there would be a similar pull to the Eldridges crew in time, only between dimensions. Perhaps troubled spirits as we deem them are two differing kinds of PEE struggling for supremacy. Perhaps exorcism is in fact removing our dimensions PEE to allow transition without conflict to another dimension entirely without any further struggle or torment.
Perhaps mediums can actually sustain this double dimensional facet whilst alive, and see into both dimensions when in trance.
I only put forward vague ideas unsupported by any kind of scientific analysis or proof or detail or postulation of how physically and scientifically all this can be cut down to real tangible evidence. Yet many people spend time searching for proofs and eventually find them notwithstanding that their original inspirational idea was right. They work towards what they instinctively know is right. We seem to have to have everything blueprinted and in black and white before we can believe it is real. The things I have spoken of are real enough, and no one has much idea why they occur until now. I give an alternate view of what might be, and in fact to me is most likely true. It explains a lot of holes in our teachings, and crosses the void between religious teachings, ancient knowledge and science as we know it today. What is there is there, and I think mankind as a whole knows there are currently holes in our true understanding of how things actually fit together and what is going on and has gone on for centuries. I believe we all KNOW or more accurately KNEW what life the universe and everything was instinctively, and possessed far stronger mind skills than now, far better awareness of self and surroundings, which have been submerged and recessed by mountains of apparent fact and apparent scientific advance materially at the expense of subtler forms of energy and skills far more potent and useful. Perhaps free energy is not something too popular with oil and gas and nuclear society. Free does not sound too good to some.
You only have to look at the sales of x files or ufo books or Von Daniken, Atlantis Lemuria, Bermuda triangle to see how deeply rooted in our psyche is the thirst to regain this knowledge and the instinct of all humanity that there is more to life than plain bare facts and more to the sky than stars.

Im growing old on what ive been told
But it doesnt seem quite right
It doesnt explain bereavements pain
Where loved ones go out of sight
It never prepared me for non eternity
When I believed I would never die
Never told why we are meant to be
And what our purpose is and why
Never gave a clue where me and you
Are finally headed from our birth
I just got schools and all the rules
But no map to my inner worth
No hint or sign of anything divine
Or any methods of divination
Mystical man with his esoteric plan
Seemed lodged with hellfire and damnation
Yet I cant be told now that Im old
That all this outweighed intuition
I know deep inside with another eye
Theres more books than their edition
Theres a real world to be unfurled
Real truth out there to find
And theres more than we ever saw
Already deep inside our mind,
Our brains send thought of what ought
To be the true way they should be used
And we just know it is simply so
And its up to us to choose
Whether to applaud the factually flawed
The emotionally uninspiring of today
Or stop and think just at the brink
And try for a more stimulating way
And let our minds think all kinds
And be open and not blinkered
And set aside the lies inside
The truths that have been tinkered
Why constantly cling to words that bring
Disillusionment in their final wake
Why stubbornly grasp theories that mask
And distort truths that they forsake,
I dont need absolute facts creed
I dont need certified and correct
Id rather go with what I KNOW
Rather pursue what I suspect,
For right deep down there is a frown
At all I have been taught and learned
All that has been spoken as literal
All that has on my mind been burned
Underneath their teaching there is reaching
A will to know just who we are
Whether born free for eternity
Or ruled from a distant star,
And I want to know as I grow
Why Im here and where Im going
And currently theres no certainty
And few ways of really knowingFree Web Content,
Surely we can be only ever free
If we know the reasons why
And our minds will open all the blinds
But first of all we have to try.

copyright malcolm james pugh may 26th 2004.

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