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Thursday, October 1, 2020
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What To Look For In A Good Tutor

With the increase in tutoring companies across Sydney, so to come the increase of complaints about tutoring companies. This article looks at why so many complaints are arising, and what you can look for in your child's Hurstville Tutor.

Sydney's most popular newspaper the Daily Telegraph, recently reported an article about warning parents of the risks involved hiring tutors in Hurstville. The article, entitled 'Alert On Dud Tutors' states that the NSW Fair Trading regulatory body received 12 complaints last year about tutoring companies that fail to deliver what they promise.

Rod Stowe, the NSW Fair Trading Commissioner was quoted as having said that tutoring businesses were issued with a notice to "back up any claims they make." So how is it therefore that there can be so many tutoring companies out there in the Hurstville area of Sydney making potentially misleading claims?

The reason is actually quite simple. In order to be able to afford to employ tutors, most companies are likely to hire a tutor in the Inner West as a sub contractor, rather than an employee. This is because if the tutor is an employee, the employer needs to pay them superannuation, do their tax for them, have their workcover and liability insurance taken care of, manage their work place safety procedures, etc. Basically it's a lot easier for Hurstville tutoring companies to hire a tutor as a sub contractor, as the employer is not legally required to do any of those things if the tutor is just contracting. Here's where the problem is.

As an employer, if you hire sub contractors, legally you can't actually tell them how to do their job. As an employee however, you are bound by your employers strict guidelines. Because it's more profitable to hire sub contractors, it means that the actual tutors are not following any particular rules. When the company advertises that their tutors will do various activities, the company is not actually legally able to enforce this seeing as they are not employees.

If it all sounds a bit complicated, then the following advice for parents looking for tutoring Hurstville wide should help add some clarity to the situation. Basically, when you're investigating various companies claims, make sure they do the following:

• If the company you are enquiring about has made any claims about what they're tutors will do or the approach they will take, be sure to ask whether the tutors are employees of the company or just sub contractors.

• Regardless of whether they are employees or not, each tutor in the Inner West must have passed a working with children check and hold a valid liability insurance policy in order to fulfil NSW legal requirements.

• Do the tutors follow the companies own curriculum, or do they aim to follow your child's school curriculum? One of the most common complaints from parents was that their tutors were confusing their child by following a curriculum other than the one they were doing at school.

• Do the tutors make contact with the students teachers at school? One of the most important things any tutor can do to make sure that their student is following school curriculum during tuition sessions is to touch base with their school teachers(s) to check up on what progress the student is making in class, what areas are being covered in class and what areas is the student struggling with. Relying on the students to know for themselves is a big mistake many tutors make.

• Above all else, it is important to find a tutor who has the right personality to match your son or your daughter. Your child must form a strong rapport with their tutor is any results are going to be seen. The tutor must also understand your child's individual learning style, and understand how to motivate them. Whilst these more 'personal' aspects of a tutor are the most important, they are actually the hardest to find.

Whether its English Tutoring Hurstville or Maths Tutoring HurstvilleComputer Technology Articles, the same applies across the board.

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