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Friday, April 10, 2020
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Best 7 Special Forces in the world

Special forces are every nation best in the most elite soldiers. They are highly trained to withstand the most pressured environments. They deal with terror incidents and bring in intelligence behind enemy lines.

Here are the top 10 most elite Special Forces of 2020 and approaching 2020.

1-The British Special Air Service

The SAS is easily the world’s most elite soldiers. They are very well equipped in all types of scenarios.

As a result, from destroying nazi fields in Africa to defeat 200 West African rebels with a few dozen men, to successfully seizing the Iranian embassy to now knocking of Isis leaders heads from miles out.

2-United States Navy SEALs

Perhaps America’s best, the Navy SEALs have been serving America for 57 years since 1962.

The Navy SEALs have been at the forefront for the war on terror and are the unit responsible for killing Osama bin Laden.

Not only, but the unit has also killed several Isis leaders and al-Shabaab leaders.


3-Russian special operation forces

Spetsnaz is an umbrella term for special forces in Russia and is used in numerous post-soviet states.

But the Russian branch is an elite special-purpose unit yet like the Turkish special forces have been very active since 2014 playing a huge role in Syria and Ukraine.

They are described as a highly mobile well-trained force that is ready to strike at home and abroad in peacetime or wartime.

Their specialties include sabotage, counterterrorism, and also assassination.

Their motto anyone, anytime, anyplace proves their description well.


4-Turkish special forces command

Turkish special forces have been amongst the most active in recent years, playing a huge role in Syrian affairs fighting Isis and YPG fighters.

Their command has received more attention and funding and is now training European NATO partners and many Muslims special forces such as Pakistan and Azerbaijan.

Their notable operations included operation Olive Branch in 2018, where the Turkish Special Forces successfully defeated and captured dozens of YPG commanders.

They continue to fight against the Kurdistan Workers Party the PKK. Their motto is death comes with us and one dies 1000 drives, quite a fearsome motto indeed.


5-Black berets of South Korea

The Republic of Korea’s Special Forces brigades’ main tasks includes guerrilla warfare, special reconnaissance, unconventional warfare, direct action, also collecting information in enemy territory and conducting special missions.

Their motto approach like a ghost, strikes like thunder vanish like smoke is represented by the training they were involved in the Vietnam War, the Iraqi war, also undergoing fierce training to be ready against North Korea.

I must say their hand-to-hand combat is epic.


6-French Gign Special forces

They are a French Jean Dharma tree unit and distrained to perform counter-terrorist in hostage Riku’s in France and elsewhere in the world.

While the Gign was formed in 1973, it has a proud history and notable service in the successful hostage situation on France Airlines at Marseilles Airport in 1994.

Gign has been in 1,800 missions to this day and saved more than six hundred hostages,s a very proud unit indeed.

Their motto sounds very loyal, it goes to enlist for life.

7-Polish JW Grom Special forces

Grom is Poland’s most elite counterterrorism unit. it means thunder and is one of the five special operation forces in Poland.

It was made active in 1990 and was deployed in the war against terror fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Their notable roles are hunting war criminals and also assaulting oil fields where 40 Polish Grom soldiers defeated a larger Taliban force in Afghanistan.

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