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Wednesday, April 14, 2021
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4 Best Ways To Achieve Weight Loss Without Dieting

Wondering whether you can achieve weight loss without dieting? It can certainly be done, and in fact, short-term dieting is not the right approach to weight loss at all. Here are 4 practical steps that should hold you in good stead, as far as your weight loss goals are concerned. 

One of the most commonly suggested methods to lose weight is going on a diet. But the question is, which diet? In a bid to offer something new and different, every fad diet has its own unique weight loss formula, and there is no dearth of diets in the market now. All of this is made possible by the fact that there are thousands of people who want to lose weight rapidly; almost immediately, if possible. If you are one of them, stop to consider that rapid weight loss is not ideal. You could ruin your health and metabolism, and if that happens, all the weight you lose now will come back within weeks. Contrarily, you don’t need an expensive gym membership either to lose weight. Do the simple things first. Consider these four practical steps to lose weight without dieting.
Shut Down Your Kitchen At Night
Set a time to shut down your kitchen; ideally a couple of hours before you go to bed. Perhaps you could finish your dinner with a cup of green tea or warm water, and then brush your teeth immediately afterwards to close down your eating cycle for the day. This kind of a strategy will be particularly useful, if you are the kind of person who finds it hard to resist midnight snacks. Late at night is the worst time to pile on the calories.
Control Your Portions
If you are marginally overweight, just a minor tweak in your lifestyle such as cutting down portion sizes may be good enough for you to lose that excess. Reduce your meal-time portions by 10 to 20%, eat your meal slowly, and focus on what you are eating. You may be surprised to find that your body is quite satisfied with less, and you were overeating earlier either for taste or absent-mindedly. It is a known fact that the body takes a while to register the signal of being full, so people who eat slowly, take smaller helpings and wait a while before refilling their plates are better able to control their intake. You will be able to bring down 200 to 300 calories a day just by doing this.
Control Your Eating Environment
Rather than struggling with a fad diet to lose weight, why don’t you simply take a long, hard look at the kind of food items you are stocking at home and the places you are eating out. If every corner of your home is full of sweet goodies and snacks, and the easiest thing in the world is to reach into a cookie jar, you can forget about losing weight! Loose the snacks and sweets, and replace them with fruits, and nuts such as walnuts and almonds. If you are eating out, try to choose a restaurant that offers controlled portions and wholesome, nutritious meals.
Question Your Mindset
If you tell yourself that you want to lose all your excess weight in fifteen days, you have already adopted the wrong approach and you will end up shopping in the potentially hazardous fad diet market. Accept the fact that you are already too late for the occasion fifteen days ahead, but you have your whole life in front of you. Give yourself four months. It will take about that long for you to lose weight without dieting, but in the end not only will you have a leaner body, but also better health, and the opportunity to maintain your perfect weight.

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