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Monday, August 10, 2020
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A Womens Perspective on a Mans Workout

Entering into week five on a workout program that is geared towards males but women are welcome to try it.  But it's not a program you'll find most women doing.  Sean Nalewanyj's workout program is a course that has great information that can get anyone fit, if your amp for it.

Week 5 in Sean Nalewanyj's Program

We are now entering into the 5th week of the workout program, both Michael and I started on November 10th.  Since this is a twelve week course we are doing, I thought it would be good to give an update on a women's perspective on a man's workout.  That's right, a man's workout.  This workout which is based on Sean Nalewanyj's program is geared more towards males but there's no stopping a woman doing it, (per my trainer Michael).

First I would like to indicate that it is tough!  But any woman can keep up with a man; with smiles.  I only indicate this to you because it is real easy for women to get intimated by a man in a gym around weights.  I am here to encourage you to take that first step forward.  Take that gulp, and master yourself in all that you can give to yourself.  The only thing a man has over women is their high range ego.  One guy thinks (or assumes) that they are better than the other; but what I gather in viewing within myself that a man are there within themselves to workout.  Working out to enhance their body, giving their body more strength and added health benefits; it doesn't matter what age any of us are.  They might give this image of "what are you doing here" but once you go for awhile, you become somewhat one of them.  You're training just as hard to achieve your inner-self goals with the weights as the next person; male or female.  I bet that there are some men in their own mind that have desires to do what some women can do in a gym ~ just an observation on my behalf; with smiles.

I have been going up in my weights as you will soon see.  There are some struggles for me with the chest, shoulders and triceps on Wednesday and Friday is back, biceps and forearms.  My recuperation time is not enough to allow me to give my all on Friday's routine.  In discussing this with Michael we will alter the Wednesday to Monday and see if there is an improvement.  I am anxious to see if there will be a change on Fridays.

I have been taking a joint juice for several weeks and I can see and feel an improvement with the elbow.  Yippee!  I still have some issues like today doing the barbell curls.  They get my elbow, but with the determination I have to work through this routine, I believe I can over come this.  What's nice about working with the weights is that if you're having issues with an injury in one routine, there is another routine that can take its place and still get the full benefit of what you're aiming for.  Example: if the elbow can not handle doing the barbell curls, then I head over to the cables and do the cable curls.  Same type of exercise, just working around the injured body part.

I chose some of the exercises we do for the three days, so you can visually see my changes.  Some areas are moving up quickly and other's are at a slower pace.  To me, I am proud of all that I am doing.  My body is feeling the changes; muscle growth, mind growth, strength and body posture is getting into better form.  There are times, I wonder if I should be doing a man's workout and trying to keep up with my trainer.  Michael suggests that maybe I need to only do one set per each routine.  The only reason why is that my life is full of many activities during the day and doing these type of exercises does take a toll on the body to recoup it's healing time.  When the muscles complete a strong excelling workoutBusiness Management Articles, you can feel the pain.  But the pain means gain.  Now eat right and allow some rest ~ all will display a fit body over fifty (or any age at that matter).

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Patricia is a Spirit that is roaming on this planet Earth with great intentions to reach out to others.  She has experienced many different avenues of life and is still enjoying the day to day ~ life given moemnts.

If you enjoyed this article and would like to read more of her writings you may go to either site: under Patricia's Thoughts ~ where you can get free ebooks and other information regarding fitness or which is more writings ~ inspired thoughs.

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