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Saturday, September 21, 2019
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Fit Over 40 Review: Learn From Those Who Have Been There

The aging process can take away the incentive to maintain your health and vigor. Couple that with all the negative psychobabble on the air waves from the pharmaceutical companies, and you could think that becoming older and declining physical ability is something that cannot be overcome. Jon Benson's research in his e-book Fit Over 40 reverses all that malarkey. Find out why...

Maintaining your health and fitness as you begin to age can be a daunting task. Our age kind of creeps up on us, and one day we wake up and realize, "Hey, I'm fifty years old and I fell terrible. Nobody ever told me I was going to feel this bad." It's at this point that we may realize that we need to pay more attention to our health if we want to enjoy the twilight years of our life.

One of the first hurdles someone in this situation needs to surmount is the thinking that: "I'm too old to exercise." That's simply balderdash! You're never too old to do some sort of exercise. But getting over that mindset can be a challenging struggle.

If you think you're the only one whose faced these realities, think again. Personal trainer and body builder Jon Benson, at age thirty-eight, faced what his doctor told him was certain death if he didn't wake up and begin taking care of himself. Now granted, maybe the doctor was being a little overly dramatic, but if he was he had certainly made his point. And the point was not lost on Jon. Jon took the advice to heart and began to take action.

He began learning about nutrition and fitness and got down to work. Within five years Jon had transformed his body into a paragon of health. Not only had he lost the excess weight he had been carrying around, but he had gained muscle and was ripped.

He is quoted in an interview as saying: "I accidentally stumbled onto a simple secret that not only took off the excess weight and saved me from an early grave, but also exploded my energy and health to levels I never even dreamed possible. Since then, I've spent the last few years tweaking and perfecting this amazing health and fitness breakthrough and putting it into a format that anyone can use to get the same type of incredible results that I was able to achieve."

One of the things that Jon realized in doing his research was that it is not solely age but inactivity that causes many of the ravages associated with age. It also occurred to him to find and interview people who had overcome some of the barriers that we all face as we age, people who had been able to transform their physical health and lives into vibrant success stories. When you can model your efforts on the efforts of someone who has succeeded in regaining their health, you have the beginning of a winning plan!

Many older people just need the right motivation in order to get started on a more healthy lifestyle. Jon saw that need and filled it with his e-book Fit Over 40, Role Models For Excellence At Any Age. The book details over fifty real-life stories of people, some of whom overcame dramatic odds as they regained their health and vigor. But more than that, it provides a road map (with specific areas to concentrate on) to anyone who wishes to roll back the clock to a time when they were fit and healthy.  

In the third part of the book, noted fitness instructor Tom Venuto outlines what he calls his "Five Pillars of Anti Aging" advice specific to people over forty, based upon his own study and observation of what works. Anyone who follows his suggestions can be virtually guaranteed to be able to return their body to a more youthful exuberance. The more encouraging aspect of this transformation is that it generally encourages a lifestyle change in the person such that they begin to look forward to and enjoy a more active physical life. 

If you think that you can't, you won't. Fit Over 40 can help anyone (male or female) who puts this advice into action to make a breakthrough to a more satisfying and beneficial lifestyle at just the time in most people's lives when they feel that life has passed them by. If there is one basic message that Jon wants to pass on to othersComputer Technology Articles, it is that it is never too late to reverse aging. You just need to know that it's possible and begin taking action.

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