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Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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Get Down Wit Yo Bad Self: Breaking Bad Habits Towards Weight Loss

Have you ever heard of Dead and Divine's song entitled "Get Down With Your Bad Self?"  I haven't either until I came up with this blog title. Yea, really, don't know who they are. I just decided to ty...

Have you ever heard of Dead and Divine's song entitled "Get Down With Your Bad Self?"  I haven't either until I came up with this blog title. Yea, really, don't know who they are. I just decided to type in the phrase and low and behold the lyrics came up. The song is super edgy, heavy, and downright provocative…Do me a favor and read the lyrics - a bit…well…umm... largely disturbing but for some people true.  Now I'm not a chic into heavy metal so I decided to move on to a song "Bad Habit" by Destiny's Child (ma' girls). Although these two songs are purposely written for love, I thought you could relate – try to find your inspiration to get rid of your bad habits that deter your from you weight loss vision.

But what exactly are the bad habits you need to break to help you lose weight effectively? Check out your list of bad habits you need to break TODAY! Some Fit Fem tough love coming right at ya!
1.Go cold turkey. Yes, quit smoking! Cigarette smoking, as we all know is dangerous to your health, and it is even more dangerous for persons who already have conditions related to bad health. People with excessive weight are more prone to cardiovascular diseases, however, despite knowing the fact that cigarettes contain nicotine that can induce risks of heart-related diseases, they still continue to puff sticks after sticks. If that's you, it is time to cease smoking. It can only bring depression causing you to be less focused on more worthwhile activities geared towards weight loss, not to mention the asthma you're experiencing preventing you from managing intense don't give me that crap of " I only socially smoke" or "I'll gain weight if I stop smoking".  Smoking is bad, and that's the truth – take it or leave it! Excuses are not the answer to weight loss, they never were!
2.Stop excessive wine drinking. Wine drinking is not totally bad for the health. One class of red wine is full of antioxidants and does relax you after a long day of hard work. In moderation, it also contributes to proper blood circulation to and from the heart. However, it becomes a bad habit when you are drinking the normal dosage advised of a healthy volume. Drinking excessively can make you feel fatigued, exhausted and tired. Hence, it will affect your energy which will result eventually into losing focus on your weight loss goal. It will affect your time management to do the things you need to do such as performing exercises…here we go again, a habit to get in the way of exercise…tisk, tisk, tisk!
3.No more candy, cookies, chocolate, cakes and sweets. Energy is manufactured by the body utilizing the sugar that comes from the foods you eat. However, excess sugar that is not utilized as energy is processed and turned into fats. It adds to your weight, thus it will only contradict your weight loss goal. Therefore, aside from being at risk of pre diabetes and full blown diabetes, you are also exposed to the risks of heart attack. Do I really need to go into how detrimental highly refined, simple sugars are to your body?  You know what to do, lay off the junk!
4.Say NO to drugs. Do you remember the ‘Say NO to drugs' campaign?  Well, prohibited drugs have many known negative side effects to the body particularly to the mind. The mind drives you to do the correct things. It influences your thoughts to act on certain things such as your weight loss. However, if you are under the influence of drugs, you tend to do things beyond your control. You may do really freakin' bad things without your awareness and knowledge. This can also hinder your weight loss goal because it will generally focus your mind to do less important things. And in the long run, it will actually drive you away from activities related to losing weight. Clean up your mind and skinny up your body!

How bad do you want that perfect body? How badly do you want to achieve your weight loss goals? Many behavioral psychologists believe that it normally takes 21 days of doing a certain thing repetitively for it to become a habit. With thisArticle Search, break your bad habits now and engage in things that will help you realize your weight loss dream. Eat healthy. Drink healthy. Act healthy. Think healthy.

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