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Thursday, April 25, 2019
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How Women Can Tone Their Bodies

Women can have it a lot harder than men when it comes to their bodies. First of all, they are under a lot more scrutiny when it comes to keeping themselves looking good than men are. Because of the wa...

Women can have it a lot harder than men when it comes to their bodies. First of all, they are under a lot more scrutiny when it comes to keeping themselves looking good than men are. Because of the way that society puts women's figures on a pedestal, they are not only admired when they fit the preferred mold that many people have in mind, but they are also subjected to criticism or made to feel unattractive when they do not meet those standards.

Furthermore, women have a harder time keeping in shape than men, in many ways. It is harder for women to lose weight, for one thing. Physiological differences can make all the difference, as can inconveniences caused by even little things like a woman's period. If that is not enough, women are often made to buy into misconceptions about attractiveness.

One such misconception is that you look better if you are simply a stick figure than if you have a healthy, toned body. Many women resist the tendency to go for muscle toning because they believe a lot of incorrect things. They may think that weight lifting is not for women, so they should not do it. They may think that if they lift weights, they will lose flexibility or athleticism. And, most inaccurately, most women think that if they lift weights they will grow huge muscles all of a sudden and look unattractive.

This could not be further from the truth, though. It's not as if you are going to
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, suddenly start bench pressing 500 pounds, and put on 100 pounds of muscle. In fact, the idea that you can somehow get “huge” without doing so on purpose is almost insulting to those who have worked extremely hard, spent thousands of dollars on supplements, and changed their diets/lifestyles completely to get where they are today.

You have to try to put on muscle in order for it to happen. You are not going to accidentally have it happen just by doing some circuit training at your local gym a couple of times per week. In fact, we are not even going to lift heavy enough weights for you to put on any really noticeable size. Our goal here is just to tone your body, after all, not make your muscles bigger. Moreover, adding some muscle to your body will actually help your metabolism to increase, making weight loss easier.

Any good gym should have what is called a circuit of weights set out- usually a set of machines arranged in a logical way, with each machine exercising a different body part or area of your body. What you will want to do is go from station to station, not taking breaks in between, selecting weights that you can comfortably do for about 15 repetitions. The first time through, you may only be able to do the circuit once, but ideally you would like to go through two or three times.

You do not have to be scared of free weights, either. For instance, to tone your biceps, pick a light weight and do 15 reps on each arm of bicep curls. They are very easy to do, and using free weights instead of machines will help your muscles even more because you are not locked into an unnatural and often uncomfortable range of motion.

Finally, do not forget your cardio! You want your heart to be healthy and you want to remain at a healthy weight, and cardio is a big part of that picture. With that and the rest of these tips in mindArticle Search, you should be looking sexy and toned in no time.

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