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Monday, June 24, 2019
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9 Foods That Make You Look Older

There is a reason why your skin looks worse after holiday parties, cocktail-filled beach days, or BBQs. Specialists say that the products you eat affect the way your skin looks. Some foods will not make you look older overnight, but a continuously poor nutrition can make the aging process of your skin and teeth faster over time. Here are 9 foods you should avoid to look and feel better.


Sugar may damage your skin’s collagen, the protein that keeps it youthful and firm. Well, no wonder, too many sweets is bad for your teeth. The reason is that sugar encourages bacteria and discoloration. After you eat something sweet, you should swish water around your mouth.

Alcoholic beverages

Alcohol negatively affects your liver. Unhealthy liver means unhealthy skin. When your liver is functioning badly, the toxins that affect your skin cannot be expelled naturally. Drinking can cause a variety of skin problems including acne, wrinkles, and yellowness. Moreover, alcohol is dehydrating that reduces skin elasticity.

White wine

This alcoholic beverage falls into a special category since it makes a significant teeth damage. The acid in white wine is a reason of enamel damage and longer-lasting stains. In simple words, if you end your evening with a glass of white wine, your teeth will become more vulnerable to the coffee spots the next morning.

You should brush your teeth after any acidic drink, but you should wait at least an hour before you take your toothbrush because your tooth should re-mineralize after a contact with an acid beverage.  

Charred meat

The char in your burger may contain hydrocarbons, which also reduce the amount of collagen in your skin. You do not have to banish BBQ, but you would better make sure that you clean the black grill staff before you eat.

Too much salt

Even if you cook your meal without salt that does not guarantee that your intake is low enough. For instance, some canned foods include sodium that causes you retain water and have a “puffy” look.

Sausages, deli meat, and bacon

The processed meats include sulfites, which cause dermal irritation and accelerate the aging process. In addition, they are high in salt, which negatively affects your skin. Try to eat more turkey and chicken instead of bacon and deli meat.    

Energy drinks

Energy drinks damage your teeth. Like white wine, energy drinks are very acidic. The less they contact with your teeth, the better.


Anything caffeinated is also dehydrating for your skin, making it look aged and dull. However, it is possible to struggle the consequences of too much coffee. Moisturizer is an easy way to look younger.

Black tea

WellPsychology Articles, not only coffee-lovers but also tea-drinkers also suffer from dental stains. You can reduce this negative effect if you add milk to your teeth and exclude lemon – citric acid makes your enamel porous and susceptible to dental stains.   

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About the author: Janet Davie Smith is a columnist and blogger. Her works appeared in different online recourses and portals, including Chicago Tribune and Reader’s Digest. Currently, she works at as an academic writer and helps students with their writing projects.

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