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Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Guide to wine cellars and servings

Wine cellar racks are an important part of collecting and displaying your wines. If you have a problem of space, you can go for custom wine racks to fit suitably. Also, along with wine racks, documentation of wines and cooling system are important to prevent your expensive wines from spoiling.

When a wine is born, it is just a virgin grape juice, some water, yeast and may be some exotic spices. But when it matures under the constant guidance of its connoisseur and its own course of maturation, it turns into a great piece of collection. The fun part is more it ages, more it becomes desirable. Finally it is bottled and shipped off to be stored in a wine cellar. A wine cellar is particularly very important place where this wine earns its real value.

Documenting wines is an ancient hobby and profession when people from centuries enjoying and documenting their wines, constructing various types of wine cellar racks, trying to store as much as variety they can.

Wine cellars are mainly constructed underground, but it can be also built above ground. Some people create their own small wine cellar where they hold a fewer than 500 bottles, can be named as wine cabinet. Wine cellars involve lots of aspects in it such as wine cellar doors, climate control system, custom wine cellar racks and others. Earlier days people used to build passive cellars, it means to cellar built underground. These days with technology people even create cellars in their living spaces.

Purpose of wine cellars:

It is misconception that wine can't be spoiled. Wines are fragile, delicate and subject to spoil. These are especially sensitive to temperature and light exposure, and therefore, it is important to protect this expensive piece of beverage from all those elements. The primary purpose of wine cellars is to protect expensive wines from external stimuli, and also preserve the flavor and body of wines. Aging should always be slow and steady, if a wine is aged too long, it can ruin its subtle flavor. These days wine collectors make custom wine cellar to store their wines even in small areas.

Constructing a small cellar in home is not a complicated matter, some factors you need to consider are space, lot of bottles, dark and cool place and length of time you want to store a wine. Storing wine is a great way to spend time, and of course wines are great gifts. You can relish your collection, show visitors your cellar and see the how your wines mature over time.

Wine cellar accessories:

There are varieties of wine accessories starting from stemware to corkscrews. Nearly as important as any wine, wine glasses play a significant part as good wine glass help you to psychologically tune with the taste. A good wine glass is a must accessory for wine tasting.

 To chill or not to chill:

When wines are served to cold, the flavor and aroma become hushed. With too chilled wine, that tannin levels seem pronounced. Wines are best served in normal warmth that is the reason wine professionals hold their hands around the wine glass and do a process of “warming”. Nevertheless, too warm wine can emit an overwhelming smell of alcohol.

So what is the ideal temperature? Well, there is not an ideal temperature of serving per se, it depends largely on wine varieties. However, you can follow some guidelines, for example, white wines are best served at approximately 50 to 60 degree F. Red wines should be served a little warmer than thatScience Articles, but not above 60 degree F. The best rule of thumb is avoiding any extreme temperature. Do not refrigerate your wine along with other beverages.


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Jag Cruse is a Houston wine connoisseur who has been in this business for 15 long years. She writes about many articles on wines, also consulting on how to custom wine cellar racks and other important aspects of custom wine cellar. She is quite passionate about consultancy as she helps in numerous projects on wine cellar doors in Houston.

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