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Monday, January 24, 2022
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How Amy Copes with Lupus

How Amy Copes with her Lupus How Amy is ... dealing with her Systemic Lupus ... through her faith and her ... Other Support How Amy Copes with Lupus. In summary, Amy is coping

How Amy Copes with her Lupus

How Amy is successfully dealing with her Systemic Lupus Condition through her faith and her Significant Other Support

How Amy Copes with Lupus.
In summary, Amy is coping with her Lupus. It isn't easy. She's finding out daily it's far from impossible to survive with Lupus.Note: This is one woman's coping. It's not meant to be a general statement on every person's way of dealing with this disability."> Preliminary note: Amy is
an alias privacy reasons. She is a real woman.
She and I have been long time dear friends

First a little primer on
Lupus. Lupus is a chronic anti-inflammatory, auto-immune disease. There
are basically two forms, discoid and systemic. The former is characterized
by a rash across the cheeks and nose. It is butterfly shaped and makes
the person look somewhat wolf like. Lupus wolf in Latin.

Amy has the second much
more serious type. This version attacks mostly women of child bearing
age. It can adversely affect all systems of the body> Mostly like joints,
liver, kidneys and nervouse system. She was in her mid thirties when she
was diagnosed. I remember her reaction. She was greatly distressed, in
tears, deeply worried about her future. Her lover, Joanna of over two decades
was there to comfort her. She still is there to be of help and care.

Amy takes medication to
cope with her her joint inflammation and
pain. Her prescription drugs are prescribed by her rheumatologist. Amy
felt her specialist not only was quite knowledgeable about her condition
but of equal importance he was a genuinely caring of her Unfortunately
he is retiring soon. She hopes and prays that she finds a doctor that is
as knowing and caring as him.

"My faith gives me hope
and strength." she truly believes. Primarily faith helps me with my condition."

Without faith I would have not made it this far. With the lupus you
also have depression." You do have mood swings. This can also be a side
affect of the medication.

Her current symptoms are
lots of joint pain, trouble walking. Sometimes she is able to get around
and sometimes not. She can get very fatigued. Joanna helps her spirtuallyFeature Articles,
lovingly and emotionally.

I look for the rest of my
future as being bright because I came to the realization that I must cope
with my condition for the rest of my life. I was in denial in the beginning. Now I realize Lupus is a life long condition.

She tries her best to avoid
rain and snow since dampness can worsen her condition. She also makes wholehearted
attempts not to get to get too stressed out. Amy copes
with her Lupus with a strong faith and equally with help and love from

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