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Tuesday, September 29, 2020
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Tomatoes can beauty skin and anti-cancer

Tomatoes are small but have unexpected effect to beauty skin and anti-cancer: Italian cuisine is often used tomatoes, make people mistakenly think that tomatoes originated in Europe.

Tomatoes not only can be a kind of fruit, but also as a vegetable. It is nutrient-rich, sweet and sour, with tonify spleen and appetizing, antipyretic fluid, tonify the liver and kidney, diuretic decompression, anti-cancer and other functions, have a strong health care value. Modern research shows that: tomatoes contain a lot of vitamins, carotenoids, lycopene, protein, fiber and rich trace elements, on illnesses and health care has a very important role.

The main nutrient in tomato is vitamins, of which the most important, the most abundant is one of the carotenoid: lycopene. In recent years, scientists have a lot of new breakthroughs on studying health effects of lycopene, what has proven include: with unique antioxidant capacity, can clear the body free radicals which cause aging and disease. Recent studies have found that the antioxidation of lycopene can delay the organs aging, for the treatment of memory loss and other disorders associated with aging has a significant effect. So, tomato is a longevity fruit and vegetable.

Prevent cardiovascular disease; prevent prostate cancer process, and effectively reduce pancreatic cancer, rectal cancer, laryngeal cancer, oral cancer, breast cancer and other cancers danger. In recent years, glutathione manufacturers have discovered that tomatoes also contain an anti-cancer, anti-aging substance - glutathione. Tomatoes contain lycopene and glutathione, has the effect of delaying the aging body cells, which play the function of longevity. Clinical determination, when the human body increases glutathione levels, the incidence of cancer significantly decreased, also delay certain cells aging.

An adult eat 100 to 200 grams tomatoes a day, can meet the body's lycopene needs. But many people like to eat raw tomatoes, it is not conducive to lycopene absorbed, because it is a fat-soluble vitamin, after heating and cooking will be more conducive to play its health effects. Because lycopene easily decomposed by encounter light, heat and oxygen, when cooking should avoid prolonged high-temperature heating to retain more nutrients. Fasten down pot cover while cooking, and then add a little vinegar, can protect them from destruction by oxygen.

Lots of cellulose in tomato can promote intestinal contents timely emptying, is conducive to a variety of toxins expelling, in order to play the role of skincare. In addition, cosmetic raw material suppliers found that tomatoes are rich in vitamin C, also have the effect of removing skin pigmentation and whitening skin. So frequently eat tomatoes can detoxify, remove freckle and beauty.

Tomatoes are small but have unexpected effect to beauty skin and anti-cancer: Italian cuisine is often used tomatoes, make people mistakenly think that tomatoes originated in Europe. In fact, its origin is Mexico, Columbus is the first one to take the tomato seeds to Europe. Canned tomato juice has higher nutrition value than fresh tomatoes. Because commercially available fresh tomatoes are picked when it is not yet mature, but the tomatoes used in preparing tomato juice are picked ripe turn red to process. In addition, canned tomato juice through 100 high temperature sterilization, suitable for any physical person drinking. Tomatoes prevent prostate cancer, colon and pancreatic cancer, the most significant effect. Organic tomatoes contain lycopene is many times higher than ordinary tomatoes. Tomatoes have an effect of stable blood sugar and cholesterolArticle Submission, because tomatoes are an important source of dietary fiber.


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