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Thursday, June 24, 2021
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Zits keeping you at home? – Try Azelex and be free

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What are zits?
Acne Vulgaris is a skin ailment that causes unnecessary growths commonly known as Zits / Pimples. It afflicts almost every human being with varying severity, some being permanent. Although generally found in adolescents, it may also occur in grown adults (30 – 40 yrs) and even in infants. Generally it affects face, back and higher regions of the chest. Psychological effects are worse than the visible scarring as the emotional consequences could make the patient socially recluse.
Causes of Acne
Acne Vulgaris is generally caused by genetic reasons. Being hereditary, it maybe passed on from the parent to the child. Its effect may start when the patient undergoes hormonal changes in his growing stage. Use of oral contraceptive pills, pregnancy, start of menstrual periods; certain beauty products; drugs like steroids, testosterone etc can cause acne. People staying in humid regions could also be affected by excessive perspiration. A popular myth that foods like chocolates, oily foods cause Zits hasn’t been proven in any research. 
Zit formation process
The primary part gets affected is the pilosebaceous (made up of hair follicles and sebaceous glands). Certain cells found on the hair follicle become unusually sticky. These cells block the hair follicle with an oily substance called Sebum. Proprionobacterium acnes found on the skin convert the sebum into free fatty acids. They cause a reaction, which in turn invites a certain type of white blood cell that results in a pustule.
Basic daily precautions for minimizing effect of Acne Vulgaris
•    Keep skin dirt free by mildly scrubbing (but not very hard) and cleaning it once or twice daily.
•    Hair should be cleaned / shampooed everyday esp. if oily. Hair should be tied back (but not too tight) and not allowed to fall on face.
•    Any pimples/zits should not be touched at all.
•    Patients should keep hands away from their faces.
•    Makeup, sunscreens or any other application on skin should not contain chemicals that clog skin pores.

Medication for Acne Vulgaris treatment
Type of treatment depends on how badly the disease has affected the user and his age and seriousness towards the impact. Medications include Topical agents like Benzoyl Peroxides and Systemic agents, which consist of antibiotics (like minocycline, erythromycin and tetracycline) and isotretinoin.
Azelex is a topical treatment prescribed in treating Acne. Azelaic acid tends to kill Propionibacterium acnes and Staphylococcus epidermidis by preventing protein synthesis. Lack of these microbes stops production of the free fatty acids that are the initiator for acne formation.
Azelex Usage
Discuss all lifestyle and dietary habits with Doctor before purchasing Azelaic acid (Azelex). Azelex dosage (application) may vary from person to person in spite of similar looking afflictions. Generally twice-a-day proper application of Azelex is recommended with certain precautions that are decided by the Physician.
Although side effects are minimal if all necessary precautions are taken and doctor’s instructions are followed, patients should not allow Azelaic cream to come in contact with sensitive bosy parts like eyes, mouthFeature Articles, open wounds etc. Users should buy Azelex for personal use and not share cream with others.

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Order Azelex online
Azelex is very effective against Acne Vulgaris but can possibly have side effects. Users should disclose and discuss all dietary and lifestyle habits with doctor before purchasing Azelaic Cream. Users should ensure that they buy authentic Azelex from their local drugstore or genuine online pharmacy. Users can order Azelex online from online pharmacy here as well.

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