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Thursday, January 17, 2019
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Soundproofing Your Room with Cork Floors

There are numerous techniques on how to soundproof a room. Soundproofing is simply a way of quelling the echoes which might be loud to cause distractions at home. A domestic environment has numerous sound distractions such as barking dogs, kids running up and down the stairs or people walking

The main agents of amplifying sound are wood framings, dry walls, ceiling lighting and air ducts. So long as the mentioned techniques are rectified or proper soundproof material put in place then a room will be very quiet and free of external distractions as well.

Installing soundproof material such as cork flooring is best when the house is still at the construction stage. Apartment buildings, for example, require drywall, layers of insulations and other fillings as well to be put in between joists. This should be before the ceiling below is installed. However, considering the alternatives on how to soundproof a room this method is very expensive and needs an intensive and very thoughtful planning as well. Only professionals go for this option especially when they are constructing special buildings. Some of the buildings are movie theatres, boardrooms and conference rooms as well.

There are ways you can implement a soundproof home. The cheapest way would be to have a carpet which is known to absorb sound vibrations. They are better than wood which actually amplifies sound vibrations. You can therefore minimize the upstairs noise by opting for carpeting and not using too much wood in your house especially on the walls. Having sound absorbing layers just under your flooring is another option. When installing new laminate floors you can always add some soundproof materials underneath. You will need acoustic underlayment, acoustic mat, floating chipboard floor and a laminate flooring underlayment.

Cork Flooring

The best technique on how to soundproof a room is definitely cork flooring. The technique makes use of a cork which has been known to insulate sound efficiently. Experts have managed to make corks well enough to give them better soundproof properties. They contain air pockets which hinder sound transmission to the minimum. Now you can not only have cork flooring but also have cork wall tiles around your room. The tiles play the same role as the floors; keeping away maximum sound. Apart from sound insulation properties cork flooring also plays in important role in reducing pain in joints as well.

Density of the cork is extremely low. A floor made of cork is hypoallergenic and has a 90% composition of gaseous matter. It therefore has amazing insulating properties. If you have a joint pain and stand on a cork flooring gas in the cells will be compressed consequently. As one releases the pressure the cork recovers rapidly into its original shape. It is the dynamics that will ensure a reduction in joint pains because the fluctuation helps with shock absorption. This is a perfect technique on how to relieve joint pain with cork flooring. Hard concrete surfaces on the other hand don’t have shock absorption and are thereforeFeature Articles, not comfortable to walk or stand on.

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Knowing how to soundproof a room a room is an excellent way of quelling echoes and other noisy distractions as well. is a source of information on how to relieve joint pain with cork flooring and walls from noises made by kids or dogs in the backyard.

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