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Thursday, July 18, 2019
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Extreme Traffic = Extreme Profit. Here's how to do it FREE!

Whether you have just ... your first site, or you've had a site for years, you need traffic. It's no secret, Extreme Traffic = Extreme Profit. So how do you achieve Extreme Traffic? Well, it wou

Whether you have just completed your first site,
or you've had a site for years, you need traffic.
It's no secret, Extreme Traffic = Extreme Profit.
So how do you achieve Extreme Traffic? Well, it
would be nice to tell you that it is simple, but
lets get serious. If you operate a website for
profit, it is a business, your business. Whether
you are online or offline, your business requires
time and/or money.

Offline, your business requires both time and
money. Online, you can choose between investing
time, money, or both. The goal of this article
is to show you how to get Extreme Traffic to your
site for FREE.

So what's the catch? There is none. Once you have
decided to get FREE traffic for your site, you
have decided to invest time instead of money. This
is nothing to feel 'cheap' about. Your time is
valuable and you are investing it in your
business. So lets get started.

NOTE: This system may sound complicated at first,
but I have included a link to my online,
step-by-step instruction manual at the end of this
article. It is extremely user friendly and it's
FREE, of course.

In order to get FREE traffic, you need to build a
FREE advertising machine. This will take a few
hours, but your rewards far out weigh the time you
will invest in building your machine. In the
future, you want to spend less time maintaining,
updating, and marketing your products and more time
at the beach. So you need to build an advertising
machine that works on the same principle as an
airplane. You use 75% of your energy to take off
and 25% of your energy to maintain your altitude.
So your advertising machine will be built as a
perpetual motion, non-stop, self-replicating
advertising beast.

Here's the nuts and bolts for the machine. First,
you set up a website rotator. This is a special
type of site that rotates a number of offers or
opportunities so that each time it is visited, it
displays a new opportunity. Let's take a quick
look at how this works. Visitor #1 comes to your
rotator site and sees opportunity #1. Visitor #2
comes to your rotator site and sees opportunity #2.
Visitor #1 comes back for another visit and sees
opportunity #3. Get the picture? The secret to
getting this system to generate leads is what you
are advertising in your rotator.

Here's what you need. In your rotator, you have a
program that captures leads by the thousands. It
is a self-replicating program that generates
non-stop leads for you 24/7. The program is the
key to the traffic explosion at your main site.

Here's how the program works. First you sign up
for hits for clicks exchange programs. These
programs give you FREE hits to your site for
setting up your start page to their site. This
is not the home page to your website, but the
start page to your web browser. If you just
signed up for one, you would keep hitting the
same surfers over and over, so you sign up for
10-20 and rotate them in your browser. The
rotator code is located in the instruction
manual link at the bottom of this page.

Next you sign up for FREE banner exchange
programs. The banner exchanges run off the
program you have loaded in your opportunity
rotator, not on your main site. If you ran all
the banners on your main site, you would end up
with a banner farm and no space to sell your

Now you want to sign up for FREE exit exchanges. Exit
exchanges trade you fresh hits for your site when you
display their ad to the visitors that are leaving your
site. This is totally FREE traffic. This is one of the
keys to making this system self-replicating.

Then you sign up for FREE advertising sites.
Individually, each site will get you a few hits per
day, but if you plug them into each other, they become
a nice little traffic generator that will send you
hundreds and on good days, thousands of hits.

And finally you want to sign up for a FREE mailing list
development program to feed you thousands of leads daily.
This is not a safe-list. This is your own, private opt-in
list that you can advertise any product you like. This
list is worth gold and will make you hundreds of thousands
of dollars over the next few months and years.

Now the secret is to plug all these systems and programs
in to each other. Individually, each program works well
and generates leads for you, but when they are plugged
into each other and functioning together as a well oiled
machine, you have a lead generator that just won't stop.

Does this all sound complicated? Are you a bit confused
as to where to start looking for all of this information?
Not to worry. I've simplified the whole process for you.
You can find everything you need to know about setting up
this system in an extremely user friendly, 12 step
instruction manual. You can access the manual at:
and it's FREEScience Articles, of course!

I wish you much success in all of your marketing endeavours.
My virtual office door is always open so please contact me
if I can be of any assistance with your marketing.

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Terry Telford is the author of the popular ebook,
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