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Sunday, July 12, 2020
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MLM Success- The ULTIMATE MLM Success Understanding

Do you understand the ULTIMATE Understanding in MLM Success ? It will determine how prospects respond to you, and ultimately determine your Success. Read on!

MLM Success- The ULTIMATE MLM Success Understanding

by Doug Firebaugh

There is a question that determines probably 80% of your Ultimate MLM Success. And whether you understand it or not, may determine a lot of what happens to your business in the future as well as how your prospects respond to you.

What is this Million Dollar Question?

Do you know what business you are REALLY in?

Most folks in MLM would probably answer:

“Nutrition, Telecommunications, Make up, Wholesale Purchasing, legal products,skin care,weight loss, etc. Even some might answer “people business”, or marketing, or even a form of product distribution.

All of these answers are correct, but show the limited or short sighted understanding of many people in network marketing.

Some people might even answer that we are in the “dream” business, which to some degree holds some truth. Others might answer that we are in the “talking” business, as we talk to people. And still, others might answer that we are in the “Leadership” business, which again, is partly correct.

But we are looking for another understanding:

The Ultimate Understanding.

This alone, if understood, would dramatically increase your Network Marketing results, and paycheck

Most of the answers you would get from the average MLM distributor lack the true understading of what business you are in in Network Marketing. It would be like working as a personal trainer in a gym, and thinking you are in the sore muscle business.

But understanding which business we are in is EVERYTHING, as your approach to this business will ultimately lead to what is felt by the prospect.

Many folks are confused as to what business they are in, so the confusion is felt in their words and actions. This confusion can be heard in your words,  felt in your prsence, and seen in your eyes.

Let's be real:

If you were working at any company, and you didn’t know what business they were in, would you last very long if you did not find out? Would you be able to function in the capacity that you needed to?

It is the same with Network Marketing. If you don’t “get it”, then the prospect never will, for they will feel the lack of  focus on your part, and be hesitant to follow you, and you will not be able to function as effective as you need to due to your lack of total understanding of what we really do in Network Marketing and MLM.

So what business are we REALLY in?????

The MLM Leaders know they are in the business of :

“Touching and Changing People’s lives."

That’s it.

You are a "change agent", a lot like a real estate agent. Real estate agents market properties and homes, and you market change and growth. And that means you also are an agent to help create change and grwoth in people’s lives in ways that they never thought possible. And you can help improve their life, lifestyle, and futrure dramatically.

And your goal, and ULTIMATE GOAL is to change lives so you can INCREASE, EXPAND, ENLARGE and EMPOWER their lifestyle, hopes, and dreams.

Those actions of Increase, Expand, Enlarge, and Empower are what we call the “Power Four”, as they are what we all want in and out of life, in some format.

If you understand what business you REALLY are in, then every action you take will have such a greater impact, and a greater chance for Success. This understanding does something that is a MUST in Network Marketing:

It puts your Network Marketing prospects FIRST, including their interests, and dreams they have for their life. If your prospect senses that you are there to GIVE to their life instead of TAKE, they will be drawn towards you, and compelled to listen to you.

If you do focus on touching and changing people’s lives, and not just selling or recruitingArticle Submission, you can become Super Rich in MLM and  Network Marketing.


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