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Friday, October 22, 2021
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Hope is a powerful emotion. Hope can get you through those days the boss is ... you. Hope keeps you humming while you are walking down the road because your car ran out of that last 50 cents w

Hope is a powerful emotion.

Hope can get you through those days the boss is screaming
at you.

Hope keeps you humming while you are walking down the
road because your car ran out of that last 50 cents
worth of gasoline.

Hope keeps you in a good mood when the other person got the
promotion, or the raise that you really did deserve.

Hope provides an inner warmth when you are in the cold
scraping ice off your windows to get to work.

Hope provides a smile, even when only a dollar is left
after paying the essential bills, and the kids want to
go to McDonalds.

Hope gives you a spring in your step as you work at the
job that promised long lasting rewards, but only delivered
a lifetime of bondage.

Hope takes you into a blissful state, when you feel the 4
walls closing in from the house that has held you captive
with domestic duties.

Hope is a healthy drug, provided by our creator(s) that
provides relief from physical, mental, and spiritual pain.

Hope is a comforter, when the love of your life leaves you.

I have experienced all of these situations, as have most
of you. But the hope I held for my future helped to bring
me through them. I want to help you have hope, this
magical ingredient of life.

I will not provide promises of instant wealth and
independence, because I cannot provide that. I know that
you receive many offers of business opportunities that
promise overnight riches. But even if that were true, I
do not believe it is natural and good.

Studies of shown that 90% of all persons that come into
immediate wealth are worse off financially, emotionally,
and mentally after 5 years than before they received the
wealth. Why do you suppose this is?

I believe that nature must teach us self-discipline,
self-respect, respect of other persons, respect of power,
and many other things before we are given the
responsibility of wealth or independence. I have read
dozens and dozens of biographies and autobiographies of
successful persons, and I have learned that those that were
happy and healthy with their wealth, obtained it over a
period of time, not instantly.

They provided a product or service that was worth more than
the money they were charging, and they believed that what
they were doing was for the good of society. The main
motivation was not money, but what they would be able to do
to help, improve, build, and solve problems.

Because of the experiences they had building their business
they learned important character qualities that were
necessary to handle wealth as it came naturally. The hard
lessons were a blessing in the long run, preparation for
greater responsibilities.

But the wealth that was provided almost instantly, was hope
for the future. Hope for a better living. Hope for
recognition. Hope for love. Hope for many things
important to them.

Any business that has sound principals can provide hope.
P.E.E.L. is not the only one that will do that. But it is
my dream to provide hope for you, starting today!

We are building a business on basic sound business
strategies. Demand for our product which creates customers
supply of our product that creates profits, good will of
the customer, fair compensation to distributors, a product
that is worth more than the money we charge for it,
friendship among our distributors and customers, motivation
to provide more to society than we take from it.

We are not building overnight get rich quick success
fantasies, also a drug to the mind but a destructive one.
The hope for quick riches takes away motivation and the
ability to use your resources to be productive. In order
to fit into the big picture, a good long lasting business
must be producing a product or service that is needed by
society. If you have not reason to do this, your chances
of success are very small.

But let me clarify success. Success is really not an object
to be obtained, but it is the person you become and are.
Actually, you are successful the day you decide to follow
your dreams, and take action to do it. Once you have
started your journey, you are enjoying success. Success
includes the learning and self improvement process of
obtaining a goal, the improvement of your character as you
work to obtain your goal, the hope you have and the good
service and products you provide in your process of
obtaining your goal.

There is one reward of success that is given to you the
first day you start your journey towards obtaining your
goal, and that is the wonderful emotion of hope. This gift
of nature is yours from the moment you decide to start your

I would like to help provide hope through the opportunities
I can offer with P.E.E.L.

1. We have a product that has a demand, this creates hope
because you know that a fair exchange of money will take

2. We have a philosophy that many people support, and the
good will you receive from your customers because of this
provides hope that customers will continue to purchase
from you, and bring their friends to you also.

3. We allow a generous profit margin that provides hope of

5. We want to make a difference, and this provides the
hope that the world will be a better place because you were

Starting your P.E.E.L. ISP business will reward you with
hope the first day you start because you understand these
points of hope, and believe in them. You believe in them
because they are philosophies and techniques that are true
and proven over the eons of time.

Hope is one of the great rewards I hope to provide to you.

Look around you. This is your world. You can start making
it into the world you want. Your hope starts now.

Your friendArticle Submission,

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Owner of P.E.E.L. Inc., has helped over 500 people set up their own local ISP business. Tim's information is published on Audio Cds and teaches at local seminars. You can get more information at

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