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Tuesday, April 23, 2019
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Romance Your Goals: Seven Secrets for SMARTER Goal Setting

It’s that time of the year when you are motivated and readyto take on the whole world.  You know you need to set goals,but in the past you have set goals with mixed results.However, this year wil...

It’s that time of the year when you are motivated and readyto take on the whole world.  You know you need to set goals,but in the past you have set goals with mixed results.However, this year will be different.  This year you will be S-M-A-R-T-E-R to romance your goal setting.
Romance your goals?  What am I talking about?  Thinkabout a great romance you are experiencing or didexperience.  What makes or made your romance great?Passion. Well, we are going to create passion for your goalsby applying these techniques so that you will achieve morein life.
The following are seven secrets to romance your goals forsuccess:
1. SpecificWhen you were searching for romance, you had a specificidea of what type of person excited you.  Suppose someoneasked you, “What would this person look like?” or “Whatqualities or attributes are important to you?” Most likely youcould, with out even blinking an eye, describe what type ofperson would excite you.  In other words, what person wouldcreate passion in you?  You probably visualized how thisperson looked, sounded, acted, and even smelled.  Becauseyou visualized this mate, “You would know it when you sawit.”
Apply the same techniques to your goal setting.  Take thetime to visualize exactly what you want to accomplish.  Takea few minutes, find a quiet place, relax, close your eyes, andthink about what you want to accomplish in life.  What is itand what does it feel like?   The more senses you involve inyour visualization, the more real it becomes, and the morepassion you have concerning your goals.  The more detailthe better.
Know what you want!
2. MeasurableIn a romantic situation, the question is, “What is the nextstep?” or “Where is this relationship going?” or “Where arewe going to be?”  As in a romance, you need to be able toanswer the following questions:
* What are the steps along the way to accomplishing mygoals?* How do I keep track of the steps I’ve accomplished?* What will happen when I accomplish each step?
Make sure your goals can be measured so that you knowwhether you are on track or behind and what appropriateactions you need to take to stay on track.
3. Action-OrientedIn a great romance, you are always working to take theactions to further the relationship.  You buy flowers, go tothe movies or a concert, or take some action that furthers theromance.  In goal setting, what actions do you need to taketo achieve your goals?  Are these actions tangible?  Are youclear on what steps to take when progressing to achievingyour goals?  Document the actions needed, take the action,and document that you took the action.
4. RealisticGreat romances have realistic expectations about thedirection in which they are going.  The romances lastbecause they are realistic in terms of values, perceptions,finances, etc.
Are you realistic with your goals?  You may want to make$20 billion by the end of this year.  Is that realistic?  Mostlikely not since that depends on your resources, experience,confidence, network, etc.  Work on your baby steps.  Forexample, if you made $50k last year working for anorganization, you may say, “I want to make $75k byDecember 31st of this year.”  Is that possible?  What actionsdo you need to take?  Would you need a promotion orovertime?  Are you thinking of starting a part-time business?
Once we start asking these questions, we will come awaywith the realistic answers for setting goals.
5. Time SensitiveGreat romances are time sensitive.  The people involved areexcited about their relationship and are sensitive about thetime needed to accomplish their “love goals.”
It is important that you make your goals time sensitive.What are the deadlines to accomplish your goals?  Makesure you break your deadlines into smaller time lines orevents so that your goals are more manageable and realistic.
By setting time lines, you will have constant feedback togauge where you are along the path to accomplishing yourgoals.
6. EncouragingIn a great romance, each partner is encouraging each other toimprove themselves, to do better, and to believe inthemselves.  They are excited about the romance and areinspired to take their relationship to the next level, eventhrough the ups and downs of life.
What inspires or excites you with the goals you want toachieve?  Is it a good feeling, a new sense of confidence,encouraging?  Use the positive energy and thoughts to fightthrough challenges you may encounter along the way toachieving your goals.
7. RewardingGreat romances are very rewarding.  The rewards may be thelove of another person, peace of mind, finding a soul mate,etc.
How rewarding are your goals?  Once taking the steps toachieve them or achieving them, what rewards will youreceive?  What financial, spiritual, health, educational, family,community, career, and business rewards will you receive?At each step to achieving your goal, what reward will yougive yourself?  It’s okay; I encourage you to give yourselfan award or pat yourself on the back for achieving yourgoals.  It could be as simple as renting a movie, going todinnerFeature Articles, or playing inspirational music.  But the importantpoint is to reward yourself.
Use these tips to romance and create passion for SMARTERgoals and you will achieve what you want.

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