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Friday, October 22, 2021
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Ezines, Ezines Everywhere!

Ezines, Ezines, Everywhere!Copyright Terri SeymourThere are literally thousands of ezines being publishedonline these days. Sometimes it is hard to know whichones are best for advertising in, reading...

Ezines, Ezines, Everywhere!
Copyright Terri Seymour

There are literally thousands of ezines being published
online these days. Sometimes it is hard to know which
ones are best for advertising in, reading, subscribing
to and so on.

How do we know which ones are good and which
ones aren't? Which ones should we advertise in and
what type of advertising is best? How do we know we
can trust the publisher?

Answering these questions is not always easy, but
there are signs we can look for in an ezine.

1. Quality Content - Quality ezines will contain lots
of useful and helpful content. Links, articles, free
downloads, marketing and promotion information,
helpful tools, etc. are some examples of good content.

2. Publisher Interaction - One thing you want to be
aware of is how the publisher interacts with his/her
readers. Do they have a section where they "talk"
to the readers? Are you able to get to know the
publisher as well as them showing an interest in
getting to know you? An ezine can be a labor of love,
but if the publisher does not even take the time to
bond with the readers, it might mean that the publisher
just wants to make a fast buck!

3. Limited Ads - Look out for ezines that are just a
long list of ads. This cheapens the ezine and the
quality of advertising. If you are looking for an ezine
to advertise in, stick with ezines that contain only
about 5 (give or take one or two) ads per issue.

You also want to advertise with a publisher that offers
solo ads. Statistically, solo ads are the type of ad
that get the most response. Your second choice
would be the top sponsor position, which is right at
the top of the ezine.

4. Contact Info - I have already seen ezines where I
could not even find the publisher's name, let alone an
email address! If someone does not even want you to
know their name or email, I hardly think they are going
to be there when you need them or take the time to
write a quality ezine.

5. Sales Letter - Some publishers will mistakenly use
their ezine as just a means of selling their products.
They fail to realize that they must build a trusting
relationship with their readers rather than just using
them to make a quick sale or two. An ezine should
be used as a path between publisher and readers, a
way to build a relationship of trust and respect.

6. Consistency - Watch for ezines that say published
every week and then maybe you get one once or twice
a month. If the publisher cannot even deliver an ezine
when promised, how can he/she be believed about
anything else. Of course, there will be times when we
as publishers, for one reason or another cannot get an
issue out. A good publisher will either let you know
ahead of time or send an explanation as soon as
possible. The one you have to watch out for is the one
that will send an ezine whenever they feel like it with
no consideration for the subscribers.

These are a few of the things to watch for when trying
to decide which ezines to advertise in or to give your
loyalty as a subscriber.

As you read and look over more ezines, you will see
which ones suit your style or your taste, but always
keep an eye out for the main points of a good ezine!

I like an ezine with a warm and friendly personality.
This, of course would come from the publisher. If
the publisher gives the ezine some personality, it makes
for much better reading, advertising and enjoyment!

I would just like to recommend a few of my favorite

1. SimpleBiz Ezine - Publisher: Livvie Matthews
Livvie is a wonderfully warm and funny lady who takes
her business seriously and does a great job.
She definitely has the personality for a great ezine!

2. RIM Digest - Publisher: Jan Tallent-Dandridge
I have known Jan for years and although she is very
friendly and easy-going, she is a no-nonsense
professional. She puts her "RIMMERS" above all else.

3. Ideas By Post - Publisher: Alannah Moore
I may not have known Alannah as long as some other
publishers, but I know her ezine is loaded with tons
of great information and resources. Alannah does a
great job of putting together a professional ezine.
It would be worth your while to take a look.

4. HomeBizJunction Herald - Publisher: Cathy Bryant
Cathy has years of experience with ezine publishing and
gives her readers what they are looking for, a clean &
sharp ezine full of quality content! She is 100% a
professional, but makes a great friend as well.

All of these ezines and publishers are an asset to the
Internet marketing world and I strongly recommend them.
Of course, I am partial to MOEArticle Submission, but the above ezines are
excellent also! ;-)

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