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Thursday, October 21, 2021
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"Why Do They Hate Us?

That was the question on the lips of all ... when Uncle Sam's country saw "hell fire" on ... 11, 2001. Uncle Sam was ... beyond measure because he thinks that his country has done so

That was the question on the lips of all Americans when Uncle Sam's country saw "hell fire" on September 11, 2001. Uncle Sam was surprised beyond measure because he thinks that his country has done so much for the world. He counts American's contribution on his fingers: champion of free speech, and fundamental human rights, exporter of democracy, giver of food and financial aids, and this new role—fighter of terrorists—to make the world a safe place to live. So, why do they hate us? Asks Uncle Sam.

And in order to find out the answer to this troubling question, he goes to sample people's opinion on America. And the answers he gets surprise him.

In Africa, he was told that he has not even started. The Africans told him that the food grains he was shipping to them were poisonous. They even said that the help is politically motivated, for the food was sent to the countries of dictators who are chasing white farmers all over the place. So they said Uncle Sam was only trying to demonize these heads of state, while playing the Santa Claus. When he reminded them about the money that America has invested in fighting diseases in Africa, he was booed. For they say that it was like a drop in the ocean, saying that the continent is used for experimenting dangerous AIDS vaccines. Even the economic package, called the African Growth and Opportunity Act, was dubbed a selfish initiative that would benefit only the Americans.

So, Uncle Sam left the African continent. Not that he was annoyed. But he felt that these "uneducated" Africans didn't understand things. Or they were ungrateful.

His next stop was South East Asia. But he was similarly surprised to learn that these Asians were saying that Uncle Sam was not paying close attention to the political development of these lands. The Philipians didn't even like his full control of the war against the fundamentalists in their country. He couldn't understand these Asians. Perhaps, they didn't want another Vietnam.

Uncle Sam therefore, heads to Russia in his search to the question: Why do they hate us? But the Russians were even more resentful. Because they blame him for the break-up of the former Soviet Union saying that America tricked Mikail Gorbachev then president, to introduce glassnot and perestroika, which eventually led to the fall of the super power. The Russians were particularly unhappy that Uncle Sam is now the only world's super power. And they wished that China would challenge America. After all, very soon, the Emperor`s country would be the first nation to take man to Mars. When Uncle Sam peeped across to Russia's neighbor, Chechnya and asks if he was welcome, they pointedly said no. Because America turned a blind eye as Russia pounded away at separatists in Chechnya. Who is then America's friend? Uncle Sam wondered.

He goes to the Middle East to find out why they hate America. And his ears were full. He was told how Israel gunned down the Palestians in their thousands and dug a trench around their beloved Yasser Arafat, while Uncle Sam looked away. And now America has sworn to bomb Iraq and negotiate with North Korea, even when the former says that they do not have dangerous weapons, while the latter is daring to strike America! (the definition of double standards). And to think that there are many nations possessing nuclear weapons, and even threatening to use them against each other. (Ask India and Pakistan) .And no one is talking of disarming them. (In fact the Arabs say that the UN should disarm America).

Uncle Sam than goes to Europe to meet his traditional friends. But it was like ALICE IN WONDERLAND. Because even these reject him. For France and Germany (even Germany) say that Uncle Sam is flaunting himself all over the place, and that they would not allow him to lord over them. Hearing this, Uncle Sam ran a great run to the Americas, his territory.

Now, when he asked to know if his neighbors love him, they answered in the negative. They say that America's financial aid is selfish because it is using it to perpetuate its political and economic interests. After all, Uncle Sam sees all the dictators in South America and does nothing. They said that America is fighting the drug war in Latin America in order to provide safe haven for Uncle Sam.

So, what would Uncle Sam do to please the world? Solve the world's political, economic, and social problems. Listen to the world. And never do a thing that would make the world to march against America.

Uncle Sam sat down and meditated, at the end of his great quest on why they hate us, and wondered how he would be able to solve the world's multifaceted problems. And for inspiration, he remembers the Star-Spangled Banner, and the song: God bless America. And he rose to his feet and smiled, determined to banish September 11's.

May God Bless America!

ARTHUR ZULU, the Most Controversial Writer in the World, is the author of the best-selling book HOW TO WRITE A BEST-SELLER. For your copy and free excerpt, click on
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ARTHUR ZULU, the Most Controversial Writer in the World, is the author of the best-selling book HOW TO WRITE A BEST-SELLER.

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