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Wednesday, June 23, 2021
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How to recognise the mental problem and its causes

Mental illness nowadays has become one of most common disease. As it happens to any age group people. So it’s better to take proper care and get all the diagnosis done at early stage.

Mental problems can be of any type, sometimes it can be mild or sometimes it becomes major. It is very hard to recognise the actual cause of any mental issues. Through some research it has come to know that certain factors like psychological, biological and environmental factors combined together contribute towards the cause of mental problems.

As we know that it is quite difficult to recognise what mental problem one is suffering from, it is better suggested to do some effort and take proper time to get the diagnosis done and it can help in evaluating the proper treatment for the illness. Best Psychiatrist in Gurgaon excels in giving proper treatment for mental illness. Proper recognition of any mental illness will help you to take proper medicines and care for the fast recovery from the illness.

A medical manual published by the American Psychiatric Association, named Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) is a book in which about all the mental illness and their symptoms are clearly defined. To diagnose all kind of mental issue it is mostly used by the mental health professionals and it is also used by the insurance companies to give the benefit of medical reimbursement against the treatment done.

Let us now study in brief about some of the types of factor that contributes in the causes of mental illness.

1-Biological factors that contributes in causing mental problems.

This factor generally occurs due to the problem caused in brain cells. When the nerve cells circuits that are connected to the particular brain regions starts working abnormally then it leads to brain or mental illness. A chemical called Neurotransmitters is used by the nerve cells that are located within the brain circuits to communicate. It is also known that any injury that are caused to brain cells whether in past or present also be the reason for mental problems.

Some mental problems also occurs due to genetics. If any of the family member has suffered from any kind of mental illness, then it is more likely for the person to have or suffer from mental issue in near future. It may also cause due to any kind of infections that has occurs in the brain cells and it ay worsen the symptoms too. Early fatal brain development or trauma that had occurred at the time of birth may also lead to mental illness.

2- Psychological factors

Some of the psychological factors also affect the mental problem. Here are few examples of the factors like when a person as a child has suffered from certain incidents that has traumatised them like sexual abuse, sudden death of closed ones, emotional or physical breakdown. When a person is continuously neglected by others or he/she feels low in contacting with others these are the symptoms that a person might be suffering from mental problem.

3- Environmental Factors

Environmental factors can also ignite mental problem in certain persons. Some examples are social or cultural expectations, feelings of lonelinessComputer Technology Articles, continuous anger and anxiety. Change of schools or jobs frequently can also lead to mental problem. Abuses from other persons can also trigger the mental illness in some person.

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Mental problems should be treated carefully before it get worse.Best Psychiatrist in Gurgaon are capable of performing any kind of duties and they give you best treatments to cure the mental problems.

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