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Sunday, April 5, 2020
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Just as in the morning light of sun with its radiant golden rays appears and awakens all creatures who are sleeping and pushes them to work similarly the divine light of Savita God enters the soul of a Gayatri aspirant and lights up his/her intellect. Sleep is then transformed into spiritual awakening. Divine intellect thus manifests in the brain.

It is not merely enough to know about a stream of energy. One cannot benefit from it until one investigates the technique of uniting with it. There exists a scientific process that joins electrical appliances like fan, heater, AC etc to the powerhouse of electricity. If there is no electricity in the powerhouse all electrical appliances would remain out of order, energy less and non useful. The same holds true for the eternal divine stream of energy called Savita. Despite the presence of the imperishable stream of active, thoughtful and sentimental energies there exists inactivity, indolence and hatred in human beings which proves that we have not united with the main stream of energy.

How can the above mentioned connection be established and be made intense? Ancient scientist-Rishis had researched deeply with reference to this aspect. Gayatri Mantra is the gist of all their research studies. This is why it is declared to be the best amongst all Mantras in Vedic literature. The letters in the Mantra have been knit in such a manner that if chanted aptly inner latent areas of an aspirant’s consciousness get incited/awakened. Thus latency is converted to awakening. The incessant flow of solar consciousness flows in ones very being. The storehouse of energy streams are now thrown wide open. The inner awakening due to a deeper bond with sun God gathers so much energy that it is nothing short of a miracle.

Apart from this scientific and functional aspect its psychological aspect is that much more potent. In it one finds a solution of life itself and small big problems associated with it too. Within the philosophy of a Mantra all those mysteries and precepts of the cosmos are depicted which describe the true form of God, beings and Mother Nature along with their inter relationships. Through mental reflection/cogitation of the 24 letters of Gayatri Mantra along with its hidden philosophy one can contact that stream of wisdom which scriptural scholars call Atma Jnana or Brahma Jnana (Wisdom of the Soul).

In comparison to the scientific and psychological aspect Super Mantra Gayatri’s sentimental aspect is much more inspiring, potent and influential. In none of the cultures of the world will you find the total philosophy of Spiritual wisdom and Ritual Science as is found in its 24 letters. If one yearns to have a vision of the zenith of sentiments then one can do so in Super Mantra Gayatri. Its profound application not only starts a sentimental give and take between the sun and the devotee but also gives much power. As a result of this a stream of sanctified sentiments can be circulated in the entire cosmos.

Gayatri Mantra based spiritual practice is a mysterious technique of joining itself to Savita or Sun God. The word Savita is made from the root Sanskrit language prefix called ‘Shad’ which means that which creates the entire cosmos. When the ‘Shu’ prefix is used it means that which takes everyone to the path of truth. According to all these meanings Savita God is one who creates the world of animate and inanimate beings and also inspires everyone to head to the path of sacredness and truth. One of the names of sun is Savita. The sun is self illumining and helps illumine other objects. In the same way Savita God is a storehouse of divine light and donates to others the splendor of this light. An aspirant who worships Savita God by rendering Gayatri Mantra as its basis himself imbibes all these magnanimous sentiments.

Mantras have 3 legs. All 3 have divine inspiration. An aspirant welcomes and studies it and thus evolves his/her power of concentration. The 1st leg is ‘tat savitur varenyam’. The divine light of God Savita is found in earth, outer space, fire, electricity, sun and just about everywhere. Through his loving eyes an aspirant by gaining a vision of his icon, who is the lord in the form of Savita and a storehouse of light, becomes emotional. The lustrous sacred light of savita immerses one in untold bliss. In the Upanishads it is praised thus (Katha, Mundak, Shwetashwatar): its light is so divine that in its presence the sun, moon, stars etc turn pale. The luster of lightning is nothing in comparison to it then what to say of fire. All these are brightened by the light of its gigantic storehouse. A Savita aspirant importunes and worships this Divine Light. He/she yearns to concentrate more and more on this revered light.

In the 1st leg in the form of Savita a description of the divine qualities of that absolute power is elucidated. An aspirant never tires eulogizing it. Apart from eulogy there exists a process of worship. Over and above the Savita eulogy an aspirant prays ‘bhargo devasya dheemahi’ meaning may these divine qualities which we meditate upon manifest in our psyche/soul. It is possible for the mutual give and take of a devotee and the Lord, aspirant and idol, worshiper and worshiped, being and Brahman etc along with oneness and identity to take place only when the idol’s divinity manifests. In the 2nd leg of the Mantra a prayer has been chanted that: O storehouse of light! We pray that Savita God who is the destroyer of sins, giver of divine bliss manifest within us. We are imbibing your divine qualities within ourselves. We pray that you dwell within us so that our inner personality/mind starts radiating due to your splendor. This then verily is the gist of spirituality.

In the 3rd leg of the mantra this truth has been clarified that why should one imbibe divine qualities? ‘Dheeyo yonah prachodayat’ means may our intellect influenced to walk on the path of truth. The intellect as of now is in the throes of dark gloom. It does not know its duties and goal. Due to worldly glamour it has gone astray to such an extent that it is unaware of its importance. This then is the prayer in the 3rd leg of the Mantra: O God Savita! Along with your Divine qualities do manifest in our inner being so that our intellect are pushed into light from dark gloom in which it is dwelling at present.

Just as in the morning light of sun with its radiant golden rays appears and awakens all creatures who are sleeping and pushes them to work in the same way the divine light of Savita God enters the soul of a Gayatri aspirant and lights up his/her intellect. Sleep is then transformed into a spiritual awakening. Divine intellect manifests in the brain. Darkness of falsity and inertness start decreasing. Truth and consciousness manifest. The intellect which is divine does not get attracted and thus does not get bound to inertness like greedArticle Search, ignorance etc. The boundary of the ‘I’ or ego does not remain narrow. The aim of life is to widen the limited ‘I’ and thus harbor a sentiment of a World Family (vasudhaiva kutumbakam). Through the medium of super Mantra Gayatri an aspirant imbibes these divine inspirations and thus yearns to reach the goal.

From the aim of this technique which unites one emotionally to Savita God it is clear why it has been given such a high stature of pride. Within this there is no desire for worldly objects. Even if there is one it is for the serenity and sanctity of the intellect and making it walk on the path of truth. Not merely for ones own self but for all cosmic beings. ‘Yonah’ means may all our intellects walk on the path of truth. Thus this combined technique of Savita worship and Gayatri Mantra transports us to the pinnacle of truth.

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Shriram Sharma Acharya founder of the International Gayatri Family was a great Yogi seer and incarnation of God who wrote volumes of scientific literature mainly on spiritual subjects for world welfare and peace. For more scientific e-books visit: and

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