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Monday, June 18, 2018
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Why Do People Lie - There Is A Good Reason?

There is a good reason to the question Why Do People Lie?†I would rather lie and be honest about it rather than delude myself that I am being honest with people when I know I lie all the time...

On a typically horrible Monday morning a friend of mine asked me straight up Why do people lie to me so much? I'm†not the kind of person that likes to talk about anything deep, let alone on a Monday morning with a good case of "Mondayitise". You don't get a nickname at school of "millificial" for having long discussions about problems, in peoples lives or in the world.

So when I was asked why people lie I knew the answer, because its easy. Why would you tell the truth if its going to be hard work, you're going to get in some sort of trouble for it or itís going to highlight something that you haven't done well. If you ask me the whole concept of truth is debatable. Inevitably people believe what they want to believe anyway. Have a look at the news on any given night and youíll see what Iím talking about. So often when there is some sort of argument going on, the two parties will be make the absolute opposite comments to argue their case.

If you put your morals to the side and get off your high horse you'll see that you can get through a day without telling the truth easily. And beyond that you'll realize you were basically doing it whenever it suited you anyway.†I am so tired of hearing righteous people delude themselves how honest they are, when the truth of the matter is that they are honest as long as it is convenient.

Lying is almost a sport with some friends of mine at work. We see who can tell the biggest lies without being caught, not just to our boss and work colleagues, but to girls when we go out on the town.

We start the night by making up a back story that is ridiculous but possible like, my name is Keith Kurkim, I'm the lead singer from a band in England that is playing in Australia for a couple of nights before flying to America. From there on all the girls we meet you have to run with your story, or you might change your stories as you go which gets very confusing by the end of the night.

The interesting thing is that often people are much more inclined to listen to me when I'm lying and that is reason enough as to why people lie.†I would rather shamelessly lie and be honest about it than be like a friend of mind that deludes himself that he is honest with people and with himself, when I can see he lies all the time. Itís just repulsive how self righteous he can get when really he is the furthest from the truth. So I donít have the answer to the question why people lieHealth Fitness Articles, I just donít think that you can change it and it doesnít really matter anyway.

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Currently looking at the ideas published in the essay titled ĎWhy do People Lieí presented by Australian biologist Jeremy Griffith on the†World Transformation Movement†website.

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