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Saturday, October 23, 2021
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10 ways to get ideas

Getting an idea is like trying to find the ... in a darkened room; a lot of groping and ... and then if youíre lucky the light comes on. If you are having trouble finding the ...

Getting an idea is like trying to find the light-switch in a darkened room; a lot of groping and stumbling and then if youíre lucky the light comes on. If you are having trouble finding the lightswitch try some of the following:

1.Do things left-handed to stimulate the other side of your brain. If you are left-handed then use your right hand. OK - so your make-up might look a bit odd or thereís a chance you could lose an ear shaving but it will do your brain some good and thatís what matters.

2.Spend time with small children. They are very creative and they always ask questions Ė lots of questions that will really make you think. Incidentally, if cows eat grass why isnít milk green?

3.Read a book you would never normally read. If you are an Ďartsí person find a book on genetics. Go into the sections of the library you normally avoid at all cost. If you canít face a book try a magazine Ė you never know, picking up one on radio-controlled model planes might just give you some ideas.

4.Learn to meditate. Find a quiet place, close your eyes, take a couple of deep breaths, relax and empty your mind. There, does that feel better? Itíll make your mind a fertile place for ideas to take root.

5.Go to work a different route each day. When you go shopping in Safeway donít always start in the fruit and vegetable section. By varying your routine, youíll stimulate your mind.

6.Teach yourself to juggle. Itís good for your hand-eye co-ordination as well as your mind. All you need are three tennis balls or beanbags and a lot of concentration. And understanding neighbours in the apartment below yoursÖ

7.Spend time with positive, creative people Ė they can be family, friends, co-workers or acquaintances, it doesnít matter which. Spend less time with narrow-minded, negative people, as they will not create the right atmosphere for getting ideas.

8.Exercise. It makes you feel good (if you donít over-do it) and it gets the blood pumping. Your brain needs a good supply of blood and oxygen to operate at its best. Your little grey cells will thank you for it.

9.Look around you. Try and see things in your surroundings that you have never noticed before. You might be surprised by what you find. Your wallpaper looks like it dates from the 1970ís Ė how could you have missed that until now?

10.Seize any chance you get to travel. After all, they say travel broadens the mind and anything that does that can only be good for you.

FinallyFree Reprint Articles, remember that you can have ideas - donít let anyone tell you that you canít. Youíve got a brain so donít be afraid to use it.

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Christopher Smith is a marketer and copywriter.

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