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Saturday, February 16, 2019
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Box up the Past and Move Forward with the Law of Attraction

Everyone has a past but it isn't always the easiest to move on from the past.  When applying the Law of Attraction intentionally, you'll want to leave that past behind and move forward and here's how.

Everyone has a past, and everyone, no matter who they are, has some kind of circumstance in his or her history that they wish didn't exist.  But in order to apply the Law of Attraction intentionally and receive the desired life they must come to terms with the past in order to be rid of a repetitive cycle of past regret or hurt.

Easier said than done, right?  Not really.  When you can come to terms with the thought of the past and why it occurred (and what you learned from the experience) it can be easy.

First, you want to think about your past when you are in a balanced state of mind, not when a new problem made you think of the horrible moment.  Take a few minutes to mull over the past situation.  This must be done without any emotion.  Separate yourself from the pain and hurt of the experience and just replay the situation and observe.  Were you the one hurting someone's feelings or did someone cause a huge family upheaval where you were in the middle of it all?  How was it handled?  How would you handle it differently now?  What would be a good, serene solution to the past experience?  What have you learned?  By answering these questions, you are dissecting the situation in order to find what causes you to dwell on it. You did the best you could for that particular situation, right?  Remember that.  The choice you made and focused on came to be.  It can't happen again unless you focus on it. 

Once you have answered all of the above questions to your satisfaction, see yourself putting your past in a box and throwing it into the ocean.  See it sinking and disappearing, remembering that it is no longer needed now that you have gotten what you wanted from the experience.  Maybe, because of the past experience, you now can know what it is that you 'don't want' in your life.  Or maybe you can see someone else's side in the past situation and you have gained resolve with it.   After you have gathered what you can from the experience, let it go.  You are not your past; you have the ability to create a new life every moment of the day.  Move on and realize you made a choice based on who you were at the time.  That's it.  Whether it was right or wrong by the physical world's standards, as long as you know what your path is now and learned from the past, you don't need it at all.

If you have certain friends or family members who just don't want you to forget it, remember that they are creating their own world with your 'past' and are replaying it in their world.  You don't have to be a part of that.  Let them create all they want, but if you don't react and participate in the rehashing of your past, it won't affect you.

Be a 'new' you and shed the past.  You don't need itFeature Articles, and the life that you do want will thank you for it.

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