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Saturday, September 26, 2020
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Depression, Insanity and Being in Love

This article relates love to an addiction with such similarities like intoxication,  dependence and withdrawal symptoms. 

Being in love and being rational do not go together well. Everyone who has been in love knows this to be true. Attraction, infatuation and romantic euphoria make being in love the ultimate drug. I say this because being in love can be addictive and it can make you exhibit the symptoms of addiction.

Being in love creates dependence. Imagine an alcoholic or a drug dependent who cannot lessen or stop his addiction. Love makes you dependent upon this feeling and it also makes you dependent on the person with whom you are in love.

Being in love develops tolerance. A drug dependent gradually requires more and more of the substance in order to feel high. And the cost of obtaining more of it increases as well. It is the same with being in love. You want more and more of this feeling of being in love and you find yourself paying a higher price and giving up more of yourself in order to continue experiencing it.

Being in love makes you engage in dangerous activity. Alcoholics and drug dependents will risk their health or drive a vehicle even when they are drunk or high. People in love also do crazy things and many times to their own detriment.

When the love stops, when a break up occurs, you experience painful withdrawal symptoms of longing and heart-wrenching rejection. Alcoholics and drug addicts experience these excruciating withdrawal symptoms when they undergo detox, which is why they’d rather keep getting drunk or high than face such pain. Similarly, a rejected lover yearns desperately for a return to happier days gone by. And this can change you. It can make you a worse person or it can break you completely.

So why do people still fall in love? Why are you in love? Why am I in love knowing that all this can and will happen?

So many books will tell you how to find the perfect partner. Websites will explain how to find out if a person will be faithful. Researches have even attempted to discover what makes a true and lasting relationship. But love cannot be controlled. And the future of a relationship cannot be foretold. Ultimately, it all boils down to this: Love is a gamble. And it is your chemistry together that will determine whether or not you both have a future. There can be no future if there is no present. Each day is a struggle because you will have to be patient with each other as you get to know, understand and eventually accept each other completely. And you will only know whether a person is right for you if you take the risk.

You may find yourself heart-broken many times before you find the right match, the one individual who will inspire you to be better. You may be surprised when you finally find this person, because it may be someone whom you least expect. True love can be found. But it takes hard work to make it last. So don’t give up too easily. Don’t be in a hurry for whatever relationship adjustments you desire. Because if you do let go, you might just regret it for the rest of your life and you may never find another person like that again.

Even if it drives you insane, even when depression hits you because of your ups and downs, fight for your love. In the endScience Articles, no one else matters except the both you and your future together.


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Frederick Edward Fabella,  PhD is a research director,  a dean and a graduate school professor in the Philippines.  He is the author of War of Ascension fantasy novel trilogy available on Follow him on Twitter @ErickFabella. 

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