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Sunday, September 26, 2021
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How to Maintain your Microwave Oven to longer it's Life

Microwave ovens have become a necessity in these days and relief for the modern lifestyle. But it is also necessary to maintain it to have a long life. If you want to keep your microwave ovens live longer, here are pro tips that will help to increase your microwave oven life.

If you want to keep your microwave ovens live longer, here are pro tips that will help to increase your microwave oven life.

Microwave ovens have become a necessity in these days and relief for the modern lifestyle. People are busier and getting shorter with time, lifestyle has improved.

The invention of microwave ovens offers functions like defrosting your refrigerated food within a second or trying hands-on baking with the just touch of a button. Microwaves have become a top favourite amongst households all around the world.

Although there are various types of microwave ovens are present in the market like convection microwave, conventional microwave, OTG ovens but maintenance is the same for all types.

But the real concern people having with this appliance’s users is that it doesn’t serve for the time it is supposed to.

The durability of these microwave ovens is roughly 3-4 years, and hence most people complain that these ovens work with their full potential but efficiency only for 1-2 years.

So here we are with the pro tips on how to maintain your cooking friend to live a longer period of time and available for your service for long.

Microwave Oven Life Maintenance Tips  

The Correct Placement

Many of us don’t bother about the place of the appliances inside the home, but placing your oven rightly away matters a lot.

To provide it with extra protection you could go buying a microwave stand or build a separate cabinet for a stable surface.

Make sure you are leaving enough space from each side to subside heat generated by the microwave.

Put wires from the outer side through the grommets to avoid any damage by the heat. But make sure they are not too much longer in length, stressed or pulled too much either.

Also, place microwave away from a gas stove, kitchen sink to avoid short circuits due to excessive heat damage or water splash.


Avoid Slamming the Doors

A lot of people have a habit of slamming the microwave door forcibly after evacuating food items from them. We need to understand that it is rather a small door and can be broke or displace easily and should not be pushed as hard as a refrigerator, or a car door.

Slamming it hard can cause damage to the latches of the door in the longer run. This can also result in breaking one of the three edge-outs on the door, rendering the microwave unfit for the use it is made for eventually.

The safety functions of the microwaves do not allow them to operate unless their doors are closed properly.


Keep it Clean and Grime Free

Cleaning your microwave both from inside and outside once a week is a wonderful way of extending its overall operating life.

Cleaning it regularly avoids the settlement of sediments deep down its motor and helps to work more efficiently for a longer period too.

It is obvious that the little food and liquid splatters inside the oven box can lead to more energy absorption by the microwave.


With this simple method, you can clean your microwave effectively within 10 minutes.

Use a soft cloth or sponge dip it in a solution of soap water or liquid detergent and clean the microwave inside out.

Place a bowl with 1 tsp of vinegar (colourless) inside the microwave, and run it for a minute.

If you do not have access to vinegar, you can also opt for lemon, just put the half lemon with a tablespoon of water and run the microwave for a minute. 


You will get a clean and fresh smelling microwave for your further use in no time.


For Stubborn Food Stains:

Place a cup of water inside the oven and heat it up for a minute in the microwave. This will help loosen up the stains, dust, and grime on the insides. Later, clean it up with a piece of soft cloth. 

Use lemon juice and vinegar mixture, dip a clean cloth or sponge inside it and clean the inner surface of the oven.


Adhere to its Weight Limitations given in the manual of the product.

Already microwaves have a good capacity and you need not worry about it.

But things like heavier dishes and large frozen items can mechanically strain the machine that can lead to damage.

Keep Away, these things!

Some food items and ingredients of the dish are forbidden to be used in an oven.

Follow these instructions, to avoid a high percentage of disasters in the kitchen

Don’t put food wrapped with paper bags in the microwave, as paper can catch fire.

Avoid putting metal utensil, plastic containers which are not made for microwave use. Also, avoid putting silver foil in it.

Always use plastic containers with microwave-safe labelling, glass or ceramic utensils for cooking only.

you can read about what is OTG oven uses, buying guides to know more about OTG ovens.


With the above-mentioned tips and instructionsComputer Technology Articles, you can take care of your appliance. And these things are set to improve the efficiency and increase the lifespan of your convection microwave oven greatly!

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