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Monday, November 30, 2020
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How To Overcome Shyness And Social Anxiety In 3 Tips?

This article will share with you how to overcome shyness and social anxiety in 3 tips. Get more chance to achieved things, happy moment let you learn these tips below…

To become successful and have fulfilling mean of life people need to try overcome shyness and social anxiety. To make change something especially it holding on you for years before is not easy at all. Add on more is you often feel living with regret, hurting never enough.

In fact you are not alone with this problem, but you can become better than ever you before when you decide to make change it. So read on to learn how to overcome shyness and social anxiety.

Tip 1: Allow Things Happen

Everything afford to you always come from you. So let start with little step. While you are talking and working with another person who are opposite with your sex, In normal you very shy and only work with trust and be a kind person, today you attention on she or he and really make a compliment that you know it is true, you appreciate things on them really make something beauty for life and other people around like you, and you also can give some agree or share opinion about something relate to them that need to be or do. You also can ask about how their family or themselves can over something that include little difficult, what about their dream or wishing for… Attention you only focus on right things and positive or fun things to say about. Well you just make deeper conversation than ever before.

Or you know someone online and connect with them only through online or mobile phone for month or more because you very shy, then today you can say to she or he that you want to have a meet offline with them, to know more about each person and really interesting in how they think about you after meeting in real life. You don’t have worry about anything because you only meeting for drink something you want to, allow you have more friend, give time to do something for yourself such as have fun with other people are liking to talk with you. This work with burning out your relationship for better and it will bring more experience in your life.

So with only by one word also moving you forward more on overcome shyness and social anxiety to living a better life. You only apply that for everything you mean or want to do in life.

Tip 2: Increase More Experience

By decide to join other things difference with normal things each day of you will increase more experience for you include help you overcome shyness and social anxiety.

For example you can join a class or club to learn and do something support to your life, your career and your passion (dance, cook, fitness exercise, self improvement program…). That word will help you meet more friends and help you have more knowledge on it, more experience about yourself and about it then final it will help you increase more confident.

When you know few beats to dance with another person even alone, or you can make some cook delicious and interesting, or you know how to keep yourself be positive and have motivate all of time… all of that will help you have better person, think about yourself better. Then you can do and make more things better happen in your life with confidence.

Tip 3: Try Something Without Of Rules

Express yourself by nature way with don’t limited or rules, it mean when you are freedom while having support is good way to help you overcome shyness and social anxiety. For example you have a holiday to go somewhere you love with your family or your close friends who ready support to you all of things when you want. You will try to do things by your own way and have so much fun with everybody around you.

The feeling of freedom and be yourself wake up to you that don’t need worry so much about what other people are thinking about you because you believe and know that you will done things well by your way. By done well small things will sum to make big confident to done big things in each next time.

To overcome shyness and social anxiety is not fast, especial when you have low confidence about yourself because you don’t have so much things done well by nature and by your own way. It need time to you take small thing to done well and increase more. When first start is difficult need have good support like your close friends or your family. There are some people luck by overcome that soon but never too late include you on self improvement. For the rest of your life still can be greatest part of your life than ever before.

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