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Friday, January 21, 2022
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How To Uncover Your Beliefs and Change Them

You can be stuck right now, and not even know why. We are stuck with certain beliefs that hold us back. Once we get rid of them, we can move forward.

Your beliefs hold you back. Make sure you look inside and understand your beliefs. They might be unconscious and not appear clear right away.

How to uncover your beliefs and change them. Write down what you desire to achieve, what's your goal? What's something that you desire in life that you keep putting off. Once you have your desire and a reason why you'd like to achieve this goals, look at it. Look at what's preventing you to accomplish this goal. What do you tell yourself that holds you back from achieving this stuff.

People will mostly write they don't have time, or they're afraid of change. They think they'll be worse off then they are now. Write down five or six beliefs that are holding you back from achieving this goal.

Then write down five to six beliefs that once you attain this goal how will it make you feel. After that and you see how great it is to accomplish, write down two actions that will take you towards your goal. Write down a little action, and big action. If you desired to get a new car, your actions could have been, call for a test drive, and sell the old one.

I told you to write down five to six beliefs that disturb you, before. Do you know why? It's because some people, won't take massive action, or start unless things get to bad. They don't think they need to change till it's the last second. Have you ever waited till the last minute to do your paper because you put it off till it became so big of a priority. If you relate to the bad beliefs you can change them instantly as you see the disgusting beliefs you desire to change.

This will allow you to take action and follow your desires and make you grow. This is what we strive for everyday, to grow. Don't compete with your past performances. Don't say you're better then you use to be. Compete with the person today and don't stay comfortable. We are always looking to grow, to achieve great things.

If you desire to make some cash online, it's possible. Surround yourself with people that will help you get there. I know people that were homeless become millionaires through the internet. You know how they did it? They had a clear focus and didn't take no you can't do that for an answer.

The first step towards success begins with the first step. You can change your life and become successful with everything you do. You will learn along the way. Your mind is capable of amazing things, and you will find the answer. Follow your dreams and never look back.

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