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Friday, December 13, 2019
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Intention/Manifestation - Personal Development Power

The key to all manifestation is Intention. What we intend to get we always get! You have heard of the law of attraction, you know about visualization, affirmations and the power of your thoughts. Now let me show you how to put them all together and finally get them to work!

You are about to learn the power of Intention and what you can make it do for you in your life!

In all areas of your life, whether it be personal development, career, relationships or finances the experiences you have are a direct result of what you have intended for yourself!

HAve you ever expected something to go terribly wrong and it did? "Oh I just knew that was going to happen!" This simple statememnt is probably one you have used countless times throughout your life and I am going to show you just how and why you were right everytime you used it!

Now expectation and intention are very similar in nature and you cannot have one without the other. Let me explain.

Conscious intention is when you not only desire something to occur but you also expect it to occur. Let us say you want to go to the shop for a new pair of shoes for a social occasion that is imminent. You set your intention that on Saturday you will head to your favourite shopping mall, browse a few shops and purchase a pair of shoes that are suitable. Because this intention fits into your view of what is normal and easy for you to achieve you release it and give it very little additional thought. You fully expect your intention to be fulfilled. You know that on Saturday you will go to the mall and buy a pair of shoes! There are little or no opposing thoughts.

So how does this relate to manifestation and intention in other areas of your life?

Well I am sure you have heard a lot recently about the Law of Attraction and how it works in your life. The basic premise of this great law states that you get more of what you focus on in life. Your very thoughts are attracting to you their physical equivalent and the amount of emotional energy you generate from these thoughts determines the speed at which they manifest in your life.

Many people find this concept very easy to accept. Yet, the great majority of people cannot effectively utilize it in their lives to create and attract those things, situations and people that they feel would make them happy. Are you one of them? Why is this?

The only reason you are currently lacking the ability to consistently manifest your desires consciously is because you are harbouring conscious and unconscious intentions that oppose your desires. The Universe and your subconscious do not know, nor do they care, whether a manifestation of thought is consciously wanted or unwanted. When your subconscious mind is feed a thought by your conscious mind, by the power of belief and emotion, it takes the thought as an intention and the law of attraction immediately begins its manifestation. The Universe itself starts to attract the physical equivalent of that thought to you! Some of your thoughts are stronger than others. Many of your thoughts attract similar thoughts to them depending on their strength. Other thoughts are loners and die quickly. Every thought that you think is sending out a request to the universe for its manifestation. However, many of your thoughts are opposing in nature and will therefore cancel each other out.

Therefore when you intend to attract something into your life it is natural and normal for it to come to you. You only run into trouble when your intentions become confused, cancelled or reversed because of your other thoughts. For example, you may set an intention to attract the ideal life partner. You create your internal vision of what that means to you. You generate the necessary positive emotions that such a relationship will evoke in you and you send out your request by focusing on those feelings and vision everyday in the belief that you are attracting it to you. This becomes your clear intention! You intend to have such a relationship in your life.

Unfortunately many problems can arise from the unmonitored thoughts you think as you go about your daily activities. You think thoughts like "how will this manifest", "this will never work", "I'm too ugly to find a person like that", "No-one like that would ever be interested in me", etc. These are taken by your subconscious mind and the Universe as intentions and are treated in the same way as your consciously directed intention. Therefore you will neutralize the effect that focusing on your vision had and stop its manifestation. In fact, if you remain in this negative frame of mind and allow these destructive thoughts to wander through your mind for the greater part of your day you will probably find that the exact opposite of what you consciously intended appears in your life!

Now such thoughts are easy to identify and reality easy to eliminate if you stay true to your inner vision and remain focused on your intention. When you have such negative thoughts it is merely a matter of recalling your vision and the positive feelings it generates in you and dwelling on that scene for a few moments. Within, anywhere from, a few days to a few weeks you will eliminate most if not all of these negative thought patterns and beliefs. However, there is another major damaging phenomenon at work in your life which you must learn to eradicate. You have very subtle and almost imperceptible unconscious thoughts that, unless removed, will stop your vision from ever being manifest!

Identifying thoughts that are in direct opposition to your intention is relatively easy - they stick out like a sore thumb. However, developing the skill to identify the more subtle, yet just as damaging, opposing thoughts is essential. Let us return to our example of intending to create a new loving relationship. You focus on your vision and dwell in the positive feelings for several minutes each day. All is good, you have set your intention and clearly signalled the Universe what you want and expect to get it. Now you go through your day as normal and every now and then you identify the thoughts that are in opposition to your intention, you quickly reverse those thoughts and feelings by re-focusing on your vision - all is well.

However, what are you doing when you cook and eat your diner? Do you give a sigh that you are eating alone again? Do you get despondent when you come home to an empty house or sleep alone in bed? Do you think thoughts like "I wish I had this relationship now"? Do you begin to wander how this relationship will manifest? Do you allow your mind to dwell on worries about your age or the length of time you have aleady spent alone? When you think about your holiday for next year are you mentally structuring your journey as a single person? Basically you need to identify if your everyday thoughts are reinforcing or opposing your intention. We have on average 50,000 thoughts everyday. Are your thoughts reflecting that of a single person?

Always keep in your mind that every thought you think is an intention! Every thought backed by expectation becomes a Universal request for its manifestation and every thought backed by strong emotion manifests quickly!

If you are diligent and look at, what until now were, your unconscious thoughts and begin to re-align them with your intentions you will be surprised and probably shocked at the effect it has on your life and your ability to consciously manifest.

The truth is this, when all your conscious and unconcious thoughts are in alignment on any one subject your intention will manifest instantly! The reason why it seems that time is needed to create and attract what you want is because you still harbour some opposing thoughts, beliefs and feelings. But this is fantastic news! You do not need to be 100% positive, clear and free from negativity to attract your intention. You just need to ensure that the majority of your thoughts are aligned with it! How fantastic is that?

Begin today to build one clear intention for yourself and your life. Create a clear precise vision of how your life will be when that vision is reality. Mentally step into your vision and evoke strong positive emotions around it. Expect to have it!

Then throughout your day ensure your thoughts are in alignment with your intention. Prepare yourself to have that vision. You will be suprised and empowered by the speed at which your vision becomes manifest.

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