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Saturday, October 16, 2021
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Learn to Embracing Every Difficulties

Learn how to embrace every obstacles and turn it around as an opportunity to grow as you overcome it.† There is nothing, you cannot do. What is Stopping You Now?

Have you notice that all successful people are not successful because they are lucky?† To build a successful business empire there are endless problems to be solve every single day.† Every hour there are countless business deals going through or end up bursting.† Do you think Bill Gates successfully created the Windows overnight in his first attempt?† I beg to defer.†

What we all see everyday are results produced, we didnít see how much effort was put into to make it happen.† Let me talk about the famous story of Thomas Edison.† His creation of the light bulb was not a magical thing that he made it out by chance in less than 100 times.† He took not 1000 attempt but 10,000 attempts to create this invention that we all have forgotten or taken for granted.† Every failed attempt was taken as a lesson to be learnt.† As Thomas Edison said, he learnt 10,000 ways not to make a light bulb work.† He persevered and moved on to do what he believe he can do and eventually successfully made it.

Letís view life in a different angle.† Why do we need to embrace every difficulty?† So that we learn you may say.† For what?† So that you can avoid the same mistakes from repeating again.† So that you become wiser and grow.† Take it as the Universeís or Godís way of teaching you to be smarter so that you can learn and overcome so as to achieve what you set off to do.

Imagine you are playing a game of World of Warcraft or which ever game that has to deal with experience and leveling.† In order to reach to a higher level in the game, you need to attain a certain number of experience before you can attempt a mission of a higher level.† It is the same a life, in order for you to work towards your goals/dreams in life, you need to be qualified with sufficient experience to be dealing with what you want.† Example, running a Starbucks Chain.† The boss of Starbucks has gone through mountains of problems before reaching where it is today.†

Even today, although it is a successful coffee chain, it still has its own problems to deal with everyday, like manpower, rental, location, coffee prices etc.† As it grows each day, the problems increases.† Kind of like the quote Spiderman said, Great Powers comes with Great Responsibilities.

As Thomas Carlyle said: The block of granite which was an obstacle in the pathway of the weak, became a stepping stone in the pathway of the strong.

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Jimm Yim

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Jimm Yim is an author of What is Stopping You Now? Adding value to the world is his passion and is a student of life. Learn how to take control of your life and start living the life of your dreams with certainty!!

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