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Tuesday, September 17, 2019
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New Age Spirituality - The Open Secret ( Read It At Your Own Risk !)

Lecturer, entrepreneur and Fortune 500 business consultant, Vish Writer is the author of the Amazon No 1 bestseller, "The Joy of Becoming God" For more information, visit:

It seems my mother knew everything... As a kid i used to come running home from school to show my report card. I fared extremely well in the exams. " I am aware of all this..." my mother would coolly reply. When i grew up and got my first job i was thrilled and dashed home with boxes of sweets. " I already knew about all this...." my mother laughingly replied....

I did not quite understand then what she meant when she said that she is aware of all this and already knew about it... I thought she meant she was so confident of my abilities and knew that i would fare well in the exams and get great jobs... I was wrong, that was not what she meant......

The director of a movie shoots the film,records it,edits it and then releases it for public viewing. The movie has already been shot by the director, and all the events have already occurred before the whole world sees it on the big screen.... What you see in the movie later is nothing but a replay, a recording of the events .....

Have you ever had an intuition that a close friend of yours is going to call you or something very interesting and exciting is going to come your way, or the fact that a bad event is going to occur in the next few days.....? If you did have any such intuition and it came true, it goes to prove that the external event has already been shot and clicked somewhere else and what happened later is nothing but a replay, a recording of the event....

Here is the opening secret my dear friend .It is said by some of the great spiritual leaders that everything that happens in this world has already occurred in an another world... Every event that you encounter in your real life has already happened in a different world... The external world is a movie theatre where you as a spectator watch your own movie being replayed. This movie has already been shot by you,directed and edited by your own being and your past actions at some other place, at some other destination...

Take any event in your life and try to work backwards till you get to the source of the event. You will find that the event first occurred in your mind. On further probing you will understand that the reason you thought about it was because something deep inside of you allowed your mind to think about it. Most of the people stop their investigations here.. They define "something deep inside of you" as your genuine intention which propelled your mind to think about it and forced you to take action.. We are lazy enough not to dig further deep in. This is the reason all these mysterious and humorous words like Soul, Intention, Spirituality, Holistic, Sixth Sense and all these have been coined... I call it humorous because the child laughs at these words and adults have no clue what this is all about...

We want someone else to shoot and edit our own movie and direct it for us.Shameful isn't it? We only want to watch it happen in this world and we think it is all real and happening for the first time... If only we could have gone a bit further and tried to identify the source of our intention, the place from where all these things springs, we could have directed far better movies and watched many of them turn out to be great hits in the real world....

The best part of all this knowledge is that once you manage to get into this real studio of life where the film is first shot you can excercise complete control over the movie. You can turn good events into greatFeature Articles, remove the sting of every bad event and turn the whole movie around... It is possible definetely possible....

I am sure You can deliver a big time hit this year.Dig deep in right now and explore the wonderful facets of your personality today . My mother knew everything but I had discovered a secret route to get into the real studio and direct my first hit movie and so can you.

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Lecturer, entrepreneur and Fortune 500 business consultant, Vish Writer is the author of the Amazon No 1 bestseller, "The Joy of Becoming God" For more information, visit:

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