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Friday, July 19, 2019
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Open to Manifesting with Ease

Are you frustrated with how hard it seems to create what you want, when you know it's supposed to be easy? In this article you will see how you can start opening to manifest with ease rather than struggle.

Copyright (c) 2008 Fia Crandall

I don't know about you but for most of my life I was on the difficult, frustrating path of struggle. It's almost like things had to be that way, it was so rare for things to work out easily and joyfully.

I think part of me found value in facing big challenge after big challenge, saying "look what I did!".

I pushed so hard in University, I did really well, my marks were high... For some reason I had to do good, had to work hard, had to push to get through school... Not sure who this was telling me it had to be this way. Isn't it funny how almost none of that mattered in the big scheme of things and where my career would eventually end up.

I don't remember when it happened but I really started growing tired of all this pushing.

Part of me somehow knew it didn't have to be this way. All the spiritual books I was reading at the time talked about your outer reality being a reflection of what you believe and expect. I think this sparked a desire within me to have things be easier, more joyful.

Even in my business I grew it from the start through effort, struggle and making things happen. That is, until I really began to embrace the belief that it can be another way. And the more I embraced this, the more quickly and joyfully my business grew and there was a richness and depth of joy in my days that didn't exist in the old empty feeling days of pure effort.

Working hard to make things happen definitely used to be the way to get things done in the past. But maybe you are feeling it too... that it doesn't need to be like this anymore.

Although there are a lot of things that have led me to this new place of joy and ease, I want to share with you one of the keys that makes this new reality even possible.

I'm sure you are aware of the law of attraction. I'd like you to see it in maybe a new way. Rather than thinking of it as you create what you focus on, let's see it as you create what matches your energy.

What is the energy of stress, struggle, difficulty and pressure?

I'm sure you can even feel it in your body now just reading those words. It's tense, tiring and doesn't feel good.

Is this an energy state you are used to being in? Be honest with yourself, set the "happy face" down and allow yourself to see if this is a normal state for you to be in. Putting a happy face on stressful, exhausting energy doesn't make it any better anyway!

Maybe it's not extreme, maybe it's subtle. Whatever the case is, recognize if this is a part of your usual energy.

If so, maybe you're starting to see that this might be why you are attracting more and more into your life. And why creating new things that you want is not as easy as you think it should be.

If stress, struggle, pressure, difficulty is part of your energy regularly it will manifest in all areas of your life.

The question is, are you done with all this struggle?

Light the Path to Your Potential Call to Action:

Let's start by celebrating the new awareness you now have of your "hard/struggle" energy state. You can't change what you don't acknowledge!

Now, you know that you attract into your life what matches your energy. Obviously you may want to check in to see what your energy is like throughout the day and see if you can shift it right there.

But as you see, I'm a big fan of ease. Rather than reacting to what your current state is, let's create a state of ease from the start!

Tomorrow morning, when you wake up you will likely feel pretty good. I want you to do this. Don't just rush out of bed, maybe even set your alarm 10 minutes earlier to avoid feelings of stress right off the bat, no worries about needing to get going right away.

Notice that when you wake up, before the thoughts of your day start to flow in, your energy is pretty good. Let's take advantage of this.

Notice how easy it is to just lay there and breathe. How cozy you are, how supportive and comforting your bed is. Notice the ease in that moment. Notice the effortless in this moment. Allow yourself to enjoy it. Let the feeling build as you lay there. Celebrate this state of ease you are in! That means it's possible to move to other areas of your life for you attract what your energy is.

Let's amp this up, lets use this nice state to help you create more of it.

While you're laying there I want you to begin to think about your day. Lets start with the easy stuff. I want you to imagine what it would be like to get ready for your day feeling this sense of ease. You make your coffee, give yourself time to sit and enjoy it. You are fully present as you get ready, pick out the best feeling clothes...

And now imagine how your day would go if you were in this state of ease and effortlessness. Picture the situations you will go through and how wonderful it would feel to handle everything with ease.

Now here's the key... notice that it's not what happens that matters. It's you. It's your energy. If you are in a state of energy and ease, you will handle everything from there. And this is not about perfection. Start with where you are now. Open to easeComputer Technology Articles, open to a new way of being. Isn't it time to move into this new way?

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Fia Crandall is an Intuitive Coach & Healer who helps spiritually conscious women take their life to new levels of abundance and fulfillment. Receive her FREE E-Course: "3 Steps to Creating Your Heart-Felt Desires!" by visiting:

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