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Saturday, September 26, 2020
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Self Help To Being Organized

We all know somebody who struggles through life incapable of organizing anything, including themselves. Being organized is an essential part of life, and it is easier than you think to become more organized.

Organization is a huge banner which covers dozens of areas of our lives. It isn`t just a case of being tidy and having a place for everything, its also making sure that you make all your appointments on time, prioritising your workload so you aren`t swamped and running a home efficiently making sure that the laundry is done and the bills are paid on time.

The first step to having an organized life is to have an organized mind. The inability to concentrate makes it impossible for your brain to be organized, and this carries on into other aspects of your life. If life is a constant struggle as you battle to keep on top of things and invariably fail, you have a disorganized mind, and this is where we are going to start.

Most people blame their disorganization on having a bad memory, the fact is that they just haven`t concentrated in the first place and no one can remember something that they haven`t mentally digested. Get yourself a pocket calendar and some different colored sticky notes. As soon as you get an appointment write it in the diary, and check this diary daily. Stick notes up around the house for things such as shopping, picking up the dry cleaning and even picking up the kids. Write down every bill that has to be paid on a note and stick it up somewhere you will see it easily. Tick them off as you pay them and when they are all done, throw the note away and do the same the next month.

Organizing a household is really organizing your time effectively. The laundry and dishes are never going to be done if you sit watching TV all the time. No one can function in a chaotic and cluttered household so take a deep breathe and take a good look around you. Stop putting things off until later, by getting everything done and out of the way will mean that when you do have your relaxation time, it really will be relaxing as that nagging little voice won`t keep reminding you of the things that you should be doing. You are not superman or woman, and if there are a few people in the house delegate tasks to everyone and tell them it is time for them to pull their weight. They may grumble at first, but when they see the difference in both the appearance and the ambience of the home they will see things differently.

At work, it`s vitally important to keep your work space organized. There will no doubt be a mountain of stuff that should have gone into the trash ages ago, so make the effort and go in 30 minutes earlier and have a good sort out. This can have a great effect on how you function and you may well find yourself doing the same at home and getting rid of stuff that should have gone months ago.

As long as you have an organized mind, you can easily have an organized life. Don`t think these ordered people have some special gift, they haven`t, they`ve just learned the key skills to keeping their life in orderArticle Submission, and soon you will too.

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