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Friday, October 22, 2021
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Stress Management - 7 Benefits Of A Peaceful Mind

Eliminating stress from your life is simple but not easy. A peaceful mind is critical to clear thinking and reducing stress. Check out these 7 tips to a peaceful mind.

The second alternative, changing the way you deal with stress is the most effective but takes some work on the part of the changer.

Humans are thinkers. It's this capacity to think that makes us different for the rest of the animal kingdom and it also makes us vulnerable. The brain is an amazing tool. It's like the world's most complex computer on steroids. The "downside" is we have so little control over certain aspects of our mind and our life. And stress my friend disrupts the functioning of your mind. I call this stress brain hyperactivity - brain activity on steroids.

Brain hyperactivity has a profound effect on your thoughts. It causes racing and scattered thoughts. It effects your memory, have you ever gone into the kitchen to get something and when you got there you had no unearthly idea why you were there. Those racing thoughts can block you from focus and clarity. It can cause you to make ill advised and hasty decisions.

For many people stress comes in the form of a mind filled with distressing thoughts. Worry about your job, your relationships, the economy, life death war. This can be especially true if you watch television news. It's so full of doom and gloom you can't help but to be effected. So how can we slow the brain down during these times of excess activity. Here are 7 helpful tips.

1. Quiet time - find time every day to spend in silence. No talking, no music just think of something pleasant and relax. Start out with 2 minutes and work you way up to 15 minutes.

2. Deep breathing exercises - sit comfortably, close your eyes, begin to breath in a relaxed way, focus on your breathing. Every time an intruding or distracting thought comes into your head re-focus on your breathing.

3. Spend a least 1 hour a day with no technology stimulation. Turn off your phone TV, computer. Spend the time with a little light reading (NO Newspaper).

4. Exercise it's not only healthy for your body it's healthy for you mind. It clears your thoughts and encourages you to take deep breaths.

5. Watch an old classic on television (my personal favorite is I Love Lucy). Some good fun humor increases your endorphins. Endorphins produce a feeling of well being and calm.

6. Play the "stop game". Notice your negative or racing thoughts, say to your self "Stop!" Repeat this process every time you notice a negative or racing thought.

7. Don't overschedule. That oversized to-do list won't be helpful if you have unrealistic expectations on yourself. Reduce the scheduleFree Articles, delegate and decide it's not that important and just don't do it.

Put these tips to use today for a more peaceful mind.

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