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Monday, July 6, 2020
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The Law of Attraction Part 5 - Is It Science?

This is part 5 of my 6-part series of articles on the Law of Attraction. Today I want to explore the Law of Attraction within the realm of science. I'll be the first to admit that I'm no scientist. But I think we can explore the Law of Attraction using reason and logic and come to understand the possibilities of how it works within the world of science.

What Are Thoughts?

When you think about thoughts, what are they really? They can put electronic measuring devices on individuals and measure the electrical impulses of their minds and they can detect different frequencies and impulses depending on what thoughts the person is thinking. There is energy there.

So they can measure thoughts - big deal! So what does that mean? When you think about everything in the universe and what it's made of, you start to understand. As was illustrated in The Secret DVD, in this universe there are galaxies. Within galaxies are stars. Circling those stars are planets. On this planet there are living things, such as people. Within people there are functioning organs such as the heart and liver and kidneys. The organs in turn are made out of cells. Each cell is made from molecules. Each molecule is made from atoms. When you go deeper than that, what are atoms made of? At the deepest level we see that every atom is made up of energy. Einstein wrote out an equation: E=MC2 meaning all matter is energy and all energy is matter. So at the deepest level everything in this universe including yourself and what you are made of is energy.

Thoughts Are Things

The idea and the concept is that our thoughts are energy. Well if energy is matter then our thoughts are real things - they are made up of matter. As we think, we think in frequencies or waves - energy waves. Everything in this universe is made up of energy waves. If you examine a simple rock at its deepest level you find that it is made up of atoms and those atoms are moving. There is energy in there and it's moving and it's moving at a certain frequency. Everything moves at different frequencies.

The idea is that when we think we create different kinds of frequencies and these frequencies have the ability to go beyond our brain, beyond our physical body and transfer through the air, through the expanse of the universe. Is there a limitation on where it can travel or how it can travel? I don't believe there is.

Can Thoughts Travel?

I happen to believe in prayer. When we pray to God what is it we are really doing? We are thinking thoughts. We are exerting mental energy. We are generating, feelings, visions and emotions and directing them to God. This is just as scientific as any other law of nature. We can communicate.

When people talk about the Law of Attraction they refer to the Universe or Infinite Intelligence. There are many names they have given to God, the creator of all things, the one who holds all knowledge, the one who is aware of every particle and every atom in this universe and what is happening with it. There is nothing that happens that escapes God's attention. He has the ability to see all, to comprehend all. He is aware of all things. So if we pray we are generating thoughts and sending them out to the universe and in my estimation we are sending them out to God. I said earlier that God created all the natural laws that we abide by - the laws of physics, of chemistry, of gravity, etc. They were all created by God. He is aware of those laws. He put them in motion and He enforces those laws.

What I'm trying to say is that when you think you generate energy at certain frequencies and that energy goes out into the universe. God is aware of it and following God's laws which He cannot alter and which He Himself must follow or He would cease to be God, you receive what you think about.

Let's Explore the Possibilities

Perhaps I can illustrate. When I talked earlier about thoughts and how they are vibrations of energy and that they emit a frequency and can travel outside our bodies, you may have had your doubts. You may have thought, "Yes, but the level of energy is so small and so imperceptible that how could a thought really go out even beyond your own brain? Can it really be possible?" Those are serious challenges to these ideas.

We'll look at one example. In 1977 NASA launched two space probes named Voyager 1 and Voyager 2. Their mission was to explore Jupiter and Saturn and was intended to last five years. The mission was more than a success and the spacecraft continued to travel into space well beyond five years. Now, 30 years later, they continue to probe the universe on their unprecedented journeys. The Voyager 1 spacecraft is currently the farthest man-made object from earth. Its current distance from the Sun is 9.7 billion miles and continues to travel into space at the rate of 1 million miles per day.

So why do we care about this? Just ponder for a moment the fact that people on earth are communicating with a spacecraft billions of miles from earth. How is that possible? Each Voyager spacecraft uses a high-gain antenna that communicates with earth using a 23-watt transmitter. 23-watts is less than ľ the power of a common 100-watt light bulb you use in your house. By the time the signal reaches earth it is so weak that a modern-day electronic digital watch operates at a power level 20 billion times greater. Yet we are able to decipher that signal and communicate with these spacecraft and send and receive trillions of bits of information. It's almost incomprehensible that an intelligent being here on earth can communicate with and direct and control a device so far away. Yet we do it every day.

Your Personal Communications System

If puny Man can do that with his technologyArticle Search, what can God do with His technology? I submit to you that your God-given personal communications system is vastly superior to anything Man has come up with. I encourage you to not doubt that these things can be. The technology we have today would have been seen as magic and miracles and†impossible to people only one-hundred years ago. Let's not be so amazed at things we don't fully understand now. Let's learn from it and use it to better our lives today.

Thank you.

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