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Monday, March 8, 2021
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Top 3 Yogi's Secrets for Health and Happiness!

For hundreds of years, the yogi's have been known to know the secrets for health, peace and ... In this short, but ... article, I will briefly describe 3 of these secrets with you.Let'

For hundreds of years, the yogi's have been known to know
the secrets for health, peace and happiness. In this short,
but informative article, I will briefly describe 3 of these
secrets with you.

Let's get started:

Secret#1: You are not your physical body.

The Yogis believe, you know, that the real Man is not his
body. They know that the immortal "I" of which each human
being is conscious to a greater or lesser degree, is not
the body which it merely occupies and uses. They know that
the body is but as a suit of clothes which the Spirit puts
on and off from time to time. They know the body for what it
is, and are not deceived into the belief that it is the real
Man. But while knowing these things, they also know that the
body is the instrument in which, and by which the Spirit
manifests and works. They know that the fleshly covering is
necessary for Man's manifestation and growth in this
particular stage of his development. They know that the body
is the Temple of the Spirit. And they, consequently, believe
that the care and development of the body is as worthy a task
as is the development of some of the higher parts of Man, for
with an unhealthy and imperfectly developed physical body, the
mind cannot function properly, nor can the instrument be used
to the best advantage by its master, the Spirit.

Secret#2: You are not your mind.

You need to realize the superiority of the "I" or "real self"
over the mind, as well as over the body; the fact that the
mind is not the "I" or "real self", but is merely an
instrument for the expression of the "I"; the fact that the
"I" is master of the mind, as well as of the body; that the
"I" is behind all thought; that the "I" can set aside for
consideration the sensations, emotions, passions, desires,
and the rest of the mental phenomena, and still realize that
it, the "I," is apart from these mental manifestations, and
remains unchanged, real and fully existent; that the "I" can
set aside any and all of its mental tools and instruments,
as "not I" or "not real self" things, and still consciously
realize that after so setting them aside there remains
something--itself--the "I" which cannot be set aside or taken
from; that the "I" is the master of the mind, and not its slave.

Secret#3: You are "one with everything"

To be truly happy and healthy, you need to be aware of "The
Oneness of All". You need to bear in mind the Universality of
Life. All of the Universe is alive, vibrating and pulsating
with life and energy and motion. There is nothing dead in the
Universe. Life is everywhere, and always accompanied by
intelligence. There is no such thing as a dead, unintelligent
Universe. Instead of being atoms of Life floating in a sea of
death, we are atoms of Life surrounded by an ocean of Life,
pulsating, moving, thinking, living. Every atom of what we
call Matter is alive. It has energy or force with it, and is
always accompanied by intelligence and life. Look around us as
we will; at the animal world;at the plant world;yes, even at
the world of minerals and we see life, life, life;all alive
and having intelligence. When we are able to bring this
conception into the realm of actual consciousness;when we are
able not only to intellectually accept this fact, but to even
go still further and _feel_ and be conscious of this Universal
Life on all sides, then are we well on the road to attaining
the Cosmic Consciousness.

There you have itArticle Submission, 3 Yogi's secrets for health and happiness!
Start meditating on these 3 universal truth and will begin to
see some positive change in life.

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