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Friday, March 5, 2021
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Trust the Process During Times of Change

Change is a part of life, particularly if you are on a path of growth. If you are faced with a more difficult change in your life right now, this article will help you remember to trust the process, to know that good will come from this change you are experiencing.

Copyright (c) 2008 Fia Crandall

Change is a part of life, particularly if you have chosen to be on a path of spiritual growth. And even for those of us on this challenging yet rewarding path, change is not always as easy as we would like it to be. If you are faced with a more difficult change in your life right now, this article will help you remember to trust the process. To trust life despite outward appearances and the fearful pictures that can come to mind at a time like this.

Being on the path of spiritual growth usually involves taking responsibility for your life and being the creator of your life. What you actually are is the co-creator of your life and that's where trust comes into play. And this is where change can become a more joyful experience.

On your path of spiritual growth, the path of being the creator of your life, I am sure you have at some point chose to create a new, more joyful and fulfilling reality.

To help illustrate what it means to trust the process, let's say this intention is much, much bigger than what you've been experiencing as reality until now.

In other words, lets say this intention is a big CHANGE for you to go from where you are and how you're feeling now, to where you are going and how you'll feel when you are living that new reality.

The Universe picks up on the energy of that desire, it sees the best possible, most fulfilling and pleasing outcome for you and starts lining things up to make it happen.

And when you set a new intention like that, and when you do your part in helping manifest it, such as visualizing, and taking time to focus on the new life you are creating, you are playing your part in this co-creative process. But what you don't see is the other side of the co-creative process. You don't see all the wonderful and amazing things that begin to happen behind the scenes.

Your intention created a preferred direction for your life. It set up an energy and with each alignment with that energy, it is given more power.

The Universe, the powerful organizing force behind creation, begins to orchestrate the fulfillment of your desire. It begins to set up the potentials of all that needs to take place in order for it to become your reality.

The people you need to meet, the book you need to read, the words you need to hear on the TV, the inner transformation that needs to happen... all of this, perfectly orchestrated by the Universe behind the scenes. This is an absolutely incredible process that we only get to see glimpses of now and then as our desires manifest into physical reality.

As you do your part in this co-creative process, all this is happening behind the scenes.

So what does this have to do with change and trust?

Now imagine that you've been focusing on manifesting your desire for some time, the Universe has been naturally playing it's role to the point where now you start to see things happening in your life.

Suddenly situations are turning upside down, what was once your stable foundation appears to be dissolving right before you.

The natural response... fear. "Oh, no! Things are really getting out of control! What is happening to me? Why are such bad things happening?"

This is where trust comes in.

Remember that wonderful, big new intention you set? This is the Universe shifting and changing what needs to change in order for your intention to be your reality.

Say your intention you've been working on is to make lots and lots of money, then you get fired.

Does this mean bad things are happening, nothing is going right? NO!

It means you need to leave your job in order to create this new intention.

The Universe gives you exactly what you need. Always. It is only us that forget that and get into the fear mode. But we don't need to.

If you find yourself in a time of immense change, look back and see what you've been focusing on manifesting.

How might this change you're going through, be bringing you closer to it?

And how about you surrender to the wisdom of the Universe? To surrender control and to choose to trust life, to trust the process you are in.

Remember the Universe is in charge of the "how". These big, crazy changes that can happen are all the Universe moving forward with it's "how".

And you know what? You most likely would not have chosen this how with your logical mind. You say, "I would have done this or that."

But what I've come to learn on this path is that whatever "how" I would have come up with, and whatever situations I would have picked to match my desire, are far, far less fulfilling and joyful, less spectacular and amazing than what the Universe has ever given me.

So why not trust? Trust the Divinity that IS wisdom, that sees the bigger picture of your life and is working for you. This love that is the other half of the co-creative process.

And when you start to see some crazy things happening in your life and change is at your door, you can know what is really going on.

You are being taken to the life you have been dreaming of. You can remember it is your job to be willing to take the actions you're being called to take. Remember that you actually created this and that it is a good thing. Maybe you didn't create the "how", but you chose the desire of your heart. And the Universe lovingly and carefully created the "how" that is in front of you for you to take. Trust life.

Especially on this path of spiritual growth and creating your most fulfilling life. Resisting life will only cause pain and unnecessary stress.

Trust life. Trust the Universe. Know that you can't see it all right nowHealth Fitness Articles, you don't see the big picture but the Universe does. Trust in this incredible process and these times of change can be truly joyful and ease-filled.

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