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Wednesday, December 8, 2021
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What is fear in a nutshell?

A short article demystifying the different fears humans go through. A simple look at fears and an encouragement to free ourselves from the jail of useless fears.

I will address the difficulty that many human beings face when fear is the main emotion that is in charge of their life. Why are some persons caught in the midst of their fears while others appear to have none?In My Beauty & My Beast, Mind, Body and PMS, I have written profusely about fears. Mainly, what I am going to do here, is simplify and look at the different phases of fear and explain it in four steps.

We all have this Primal, instinctual fear after we are born that if no one took care of us, we would die within hours at best.

Then, we have what is called the Initial Fear when we start something or attempt a new action for the first time. Our old brain has a split second fear happening in all of us. We sometimes will stop breathing for a second or two until we realize that we can do this, and at least allow sufficient practice time to become better and comfortable at it.

To continue, if we do not conquer and master this initial fear but rather let it control us, it becomes a Jailor Fear that handicaps our movements, our thoughts and behavior. We might as well become afraid of everything as it happens to some people. They then become jailed by their fears; growing and expanding their life becomes impossible.

Last, we all have what Tony Robbins calls a Counselor Fear which we should respect as being a guide telling us to do or not to do something; it is a guide of higher knowledge; it is not a proof that we are lacking fear, it is a guiding courage that lets us know we have to conquer the initial fear.

How to heal those fears?Some paths are there for you to explore; I encourage you to dig deep and find out what you are afraid about and whom are you insecure with. How does it influence your whole life? Some events from your childhood will be at the core of these fears and sometimes it will simply be your family education. If I had followed my mother's fears, I would have done nothing I was called for.

You owe it to yourself to do some cleanup otherwise you become the puppet of your fears! And further more, you continue being the slave and possibly teach your children to be afraid, hence reproducing more of the same.

I encourage you to really seek help if you need to do so for it is often times very difficult to dig by ourselves for fear of losing our life. But remember, that is just a fear. "Fear is like a scarecrow; when the birds land on itFind Article, nothing happens."

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Pauline Houle is Therapist with 20 years experience. She has a background in Social Work and Psychodynamic trainings that really make a difference in people's lives. She has a Masters Degree in Transpersonal Studies, which has been a great help in keeping her focused on the big picture of PMS and what women need to know in order to heal it. Contact: Pauline Houle: 514-277-6097 or 518-563-6834

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