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Friday, December 4, 2020
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Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

I wrote this article to bring solace and ... to any parent who has lost their child. There is a reason “why.” I ... this pain. I know it feels as if you have lost your soul. As disast

I wrote this article to bring solace and understanding to any parent who has lost their child.
There is a reason “why.”

I understand this pain. I know it feels as if you have lost your soul.

As disaster strikes, as havoc ensues, the turmoil brings forth inward searching, a searching with the greatest question asked by humankind: Why?

Why does tragedy befall those who are good? Why does misfortune prey on those who do not seek to find a harsh reality but are subject to the pain many view as being wrongfully placed - on the good, rather than the evil?

The answer to this eternal question contains eternal truth.

The answer is: because those who are good will find a solution, a remedy, so that the tragedy will never strike others or themselves again. They are the ones who have a heart, who have compassion, who seek to bring justice and ease into lives in which injustice and tragic hardship previously prevailed.

Tragedy falls on the special few so that there can be a solution for the many.

You know in your heart the pains you have undergone, and you also know all of the good you are bringing or can bring into the lives of others as a result.

So this is the answer. Why you? Because you chose this as your reality, your sacrifice, with full agreement of the souls of those who have also undergone tragedies that had such a vast impact on your life. They agreed to do this. Their worthy lives acted as catalysts for powerful and positive growth and change, for the highest betterment of all.

Many who have passed over to the spiritual or nonphysical side are in a better place, for they chose to uplift humanity prior to their incarnation into this life. And you made a soul agreement with them to carry the torch of their light, their love, their tremendous sacrifice, so no other shall have to undergo the pains they endured to ensure that lasting change would take place among the masses. That is why I say: Look for the gift in the tragedy. The seed is there. The seed for life renewal, for justice, for truth.

You will transform this tragedy so it never happens again. And that is the answer to “why.”

Whether it be a new law, a non-profit foundation, a support group, a book, or a cure for a disease, Your purpose will emerge as a result of this tragedy.

Give yourself permission to grieve. Death is a part of life, but death is not the end. There is a new beginning.

You will find this new beginning. It may take several years before you find the inner strength to go forward. That is okay. Be gentle with yourself. The one you love is as alive on the non-physical side right now, as you are today.

I want to assure you that the deep pain you bear within will lessen over time. You will adjust. You will be okay, and you will also keep the memory of your loved one alive for eternity.

This article is an abstract from chapter seven of Individual Power - Reclaiming Your Core, Your TruthArticle Search, and Your Life. By Barbara Rose

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In her nationally praised seminars and workshops, Author, public speaker and columnist Barbara Rose shares the secrets of turning tragedy into triumph. Her books; Individual Power: Reclaiming Your Core, Your Truth, and Your Life; and If God Was Like Man (Publication Date April, 2003) share profound, inspiring insight.Please visit her website:

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