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Saturday, July 11, 2020
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An Open Letter To The People of Afghanistan and Iraq

Take hope all you people! Your great ... has not been in vain. Many alive today will live to see the ... of end time ... That is, the end of the Old World Order, which has oppre

Take hope all you people! Your great suffering has not been in vain. Many alive today will live to see the fulfillment of end time prophecies. That is, the end of the Old World Order, which has oppressed all the people of the world, even as it has rewarded its faithful servants.

Osama Bin Laden began this work with his war on the West, which is the stronghold of Mystery Babylon the Great, described in the last book of the Christian Bible. Although Osama only succeeded in destroying the main symbols of Babylonian power, so far; the economic damages mounts daily and with no further help, Babylon will fall and the merchants will weep.

In the eighteenth Chapter of the Book of Revelation, is published the Babylonian value system. Gold, silver and precious stones are the most valuable things on the list of merchandise. Slaves and souls are the least valuable things. The whole world would rebel against such a value system if they only recognized it and how it operates. It operates through the usury banking forbidden by the Bible and the Quran. It rules the greatest and the least. It holds the world in debt bondage. It makes slaves of all, including those who proclaim themselves free.

If you must bank, outlaw usury banking and perfect Islamic banking. This is the single greatest key to prosperity. Economic justice is unknown to most outside of Islam. The prosperity Islamic banking can generate will quickly overtake the decadence and corruption of the now failing usury bondage. Islamic banking is a power such as can move the least valuable items of the Babylonian value system to the very top of the list, as our Creator desires.

Forget all the talk about democracy. It is the most temporary and unstable of any form of government. It will always become something unintended, in a very short time. The democracy that gained America's independence from Britain in 1776, disappeared by 1788. By that time, American autocrats - property owners, created a government of the people by the autocrats, for the autocrats. Over the past two hundred years their power has become absolute over the people, who are made to believe they live in a democracy. They vote in so called free elections of autocrat candidates. They think that makes them free and will make you free too. Fighting unwinable wars on drugs, poverty and terrorists is their duty. You know better, don't you? We in the West so love to be deceived, we hire professional deceivers to deceive us. Choose another path for yourselves! Choose truth when you can find it!

Are you tired of strong man governors (warlords)? You now have an opportunity to choose wise men or women governors. You have always had this opportunity but did not know it. The second book of the Hebrew and Christian Bible shows us all a simple, effective system of organizing ourselves against all forms of tyranny. It is ignored by the modern world. It is a pure, representative and republican system of organization. It works for neighborhoods, villages, towns, cities, nations, businesses, religions and interest groups of any kind. Instead of having it fastened upon people, the wise choose it. It is called captains of ten. We choose the wisest of each ten people to be the captain. The captain settles disputes and arguments among neighbors, like a judge. Let him or her be wise and holy.

This is not very different from the organization of Al Qaeda. It should be clear to the world how well it works. Captains of ten choose among themselves a captain of one hundred. Captains of one hundred choose a captain of one thousand. In this way, the people allow the wisest among them to choose the wisest of the wise and the organization will be wise.

Strong men always try to destroy the wise men. When the wise men organize, the people stand with them and no strong man can conquer them. If you choose this system, you will not end up with a strong central government of any kind, no matter what the servants of Mystery Babylon would give you. Strong central governments are tools of oppressors from the beginning. They are the enemies of free people everywhere. They seek only to enslave others. These governments are enslaved to money, worship it, and serve those who issue and hold it, often in the name of God. Do not be deceived, as we have been deceived.

Water is your future. Respect and protect it. Not only will it clean your bodies and homes, it will help you feed yourselves and others when food is hard to find, all over this world, as it soon will be. Not only will water feed and clean you; it will soon provide you with cheap, clean power to run your machines. It will generate cheap electricity in every neighborhood, village and city. It is worth far more than the gold, silver and precious stones of Mystery Babylon.

Protect your water today and you will never need wires all over your land to have electricity everywhere; although others want to do just that for you. They want you to pay them for your electricity forever. As you wait to get your power from water, get small amounts of electricity from solar panels, wind generators and water turbines or even gasoline-powered generators.

Once you have enough electricity to run a computer and satellite connection to the Internet, the wisdom of the world will be at your fingertips. Your and your children's education will cost only time and effort. You will not need any industry beyond energy. Any industry you desire can be created with cheap energy.

Look to your elders, traditions, food and water for your health. Then look to the Internet and all the new things being learned and shared about cures for disease and health. Avoid expensive, manufactured medicine whenever you can, and look for the cheaper, natural remedies. The West is just now learning this wisdom and they destroy their health for their lack of wisdom.

Let every able adult have whatever weapons they choose and see to their training on a regular basis. Weapons in the hands of the people are your strongest guarantee of freedom. It is the only reason any American can pretend to be free. Each has the power to resist central governments that enslave. Few resist, but because they can resist at any time, governments and invaders must consider the wishes of the people.

You have seen with your own eyes that you do not need an Army, Air Force or Navy to deal with invaders. Why waste the money the big weapons cost? Invest in small arms, food, water, energy and education.

Each of you survivors is worth more than all the gold, silver, and precious stones of Mystery Babylon. Love each other. Help each other, and the world will rejoice in your wisdom.

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