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Monday, October 21, 2019
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Make Your Ex Boyfriend Chase and Want You Again

Lost your boyfriend but still want him back? You'll never get him to date you again by chasing him down. Instead, learn how to make your ex want YOU back with simple but effective reversal techniques.

Ever run after a dog? Most dogs will keep running for as long as you chase them, and no matter how fast you go you'll never catch up. But once you get tired and start walking away? Suddenly the dog is nipping at your heels again. Start running, and the dog chases you.

The analogy may be simple, but it's extremely applicable when it comes to getting your ex boyfriend back. The longer you chase after him, the faster and further he'll run (and the more foolish you'll look). But once you actually give up and begin walking in the other direction? Your ex suddenly turns around, wonders where you went, and starts looking around for you.

In learning how to get your boyfriend back after an unwanted breakup, you need to adapt this type of mindset. You cannot chase him, no matter how much you might want to do that right now. Try to recognize early on that you'll never, ever catch him.

All those important things you have to say to your ex? They can wait. All those memories you want to remind him of? You can do it later. Right now, in the days and weeks immediately following your breakup, the best thing you can do is NOT pay any attention to your ex boyfriend. The less you pursue him, the more he'll eventually pursue you.

Sticking Around After The Breakup

Technically, you were broken up the moment your boyfriend dumped you. It doesn't matter how he did it or why, but that's the moment your relationship ended. Once you can accept this, you can begin taking steps toward reconciliation.

Emotionally however, you're not broken up until you both go your separate ways. Which means the longer you stick around and try to keep yourself in your boyfriend's life, the longer you're actually prolonging your breakup... and delaying the process of getting back together with him.

Staying within your ex boyfriend's line of sight is actually sabotaging your chances at getting him back. Every innocent email you send him, every little message you write on his Facebook wall... these things are reassuring your ex that yes, you still love him. Yes, you're still 'there' for him. And yes, you're willing to come back to him the moment he gives you the nod. You've handed him the keys to the kingdom; he now has all the power over what happens next, and you have absolutely none.

Even worse, your ex doesn't even miss your relationship. Why not? Because he still has a relationship with you. He gets to see and hear from you all the time, because you haven't really gone away. By sticking around and playing the buddy card, you're actually shooting yourself in the foot when it comes to making your ex boyfriend want you again.

Making Your Boyfriend Miss You Through Withdrawal Techniques

By far, the best way to get your ex to chase you is to walk away. You need to do this cleanly, and you need to do it without looking back. Breaking contact with an ex boyfriend might be the hardest thing you'll ever do, but it'll also be the biggest asset you have in fixing your breakup.

When you dated your ex you were a huge part of his life. Take yourself away gradually, and he has time to get used to the idea of not having you around. But take yourself away all at once? Suddenly your ex boyfriend feels an overwhelming need for you again. He turns around and sees a big gaping hole in his life where you used to perfectly fit. This will make him sad, reflective, and a probably bit depressed. Moreover, it can quickly get him wondering if he made a big mistake by dumping you in the first place.

Withdrawal always equates to loneliness. Abruptly tearing yourself away from your ex's life is the only real way to get him to want you. Understand that no matter how much you miss him... no matter how much you promise things will be different? Your boyfriend will never take you back until he actually wants to be with you again. You can't guilt him into coming back, you can't play the pity card, and you certainly can't trick him into needing you through sex or seduction. These things are temporary patches over a much larger problem, and they'll always end in failure.

By accepting your breakup instead of fighting it, you're allowing your ex to put his guard down. Your boyfriend no longer feels the need to convince you that the separation is necessary, and he'll feel much more comfortable in talking to you again. Even if your breakup already happened and you've already made some mistakes (i.e. chasing after him) in getting your ex back, there are still ways you can let him know that you not only accept his decision but actually agree with it on many levels.

Agreeing With The Breakup To The Point of Turning The Tables

Here's where things get interesting. Because while accepting what's happened to your relationship is a good start, once you start agreeing with your ex boyfriend he'll start wondering why. He'll go from being defensive and silent to suddenly needing to know why you're on board with splitting up. When did she stop being happy? How long has she felt this way? Those questions and more will run through your ex's head, making him wonder just how much longer it would've been before YOU broke things off with HIM.

Walk away now, and your ex doesn't have an answer. Start moving faster, and he'll begin to chase you. Why? Because he needs to know. In a very strong way, you've rejected him. Even though he initiated the break up, the ease at which you've accepted things will bother him immensely. Do it right, and your ex will even get a little bit jealous. He might even start wondering if you've got another guy in mind (or may have started dating someone else already).

This type of reversal technique is an amazing way to get your ex interested in you again, and to make him want you back. When he knew you were crazy for him, it was easy to let go. But now that you're moving in a new direction? You suddenly become very desirable again. Your unfailing confidence is actually shaking his confidence, making him wonder if he made a wrong decision.

Other Easy Methods To Reverse Your Breakup

Listed above are only some of the methods that will get your ex boyfriend to chase after you. By arming yourself with the right reconnection techniquesFree Web Content, you can get back in touch with an ex even if he hasn't responded to your attempts at contacting or talking to him.

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