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Monday, April 22, 2019
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Are you ready to listen - letís talk?

Are you ready to listen - letís ... can someone tell me: Where are we going as a human race? What do you think? Take a moment out of your busy day and try to reflect on that very small questio

Are you ready to listen - letís talk?

Really can someone tell me: Where are we going as a human race? What do you think? Take a moment out of your busy day and try to reflect on that very small question that we always try to avoid. What am I doing with my life as an individual?

We live in a society that is becoming increasingly built up on emptiness, vagueness, superficiality and jealousy. At one point it will be just like putting a needle in that inflated balloon and we will all explode. Either everyone is blind, or just playing dumb, or maybe I, myself, am from another planet! You figure it out!!!

I do hope someone has the guts to pick up the pieces when things do explode. I understand your frustration. ďI canít do anythingĒ, or ďI canít helpĒ, is what most of us will say. But sitting crossed legged and armed is NOT the answer either.

In my opinion, my generation, and I am just 40 years old, seems to have given up. Perhaps yes, perhaps no! You can be the judge. Many of us are still dwelling on events that happened to us at a young age. We try to help ourselves, but sometimes scars are deep inside of us and it is hard to accept and forgive, and just let go in order to move on. Live your life in the present moment and to your full potential. Life is complicated enough as it is. Really think and be honest about it! Iíd hate to believe that our generation has just given up. It just shouldnít be the case. I do believe that our society is going backwards. Our religions are becoming obsolete and are not adapting to changes in our society. They are afraid that they are going to lose credibility in the process. By sitting on the sidelines, they ARE going to lose credibility for not having taken action. Every time someone mentions any religion to me, all I feel or envision are wars, control over their own congregation, limitations on the human soul, and their EGO. Religions should work for the people and I find that this is no longer the case.

How about our government? Show me one government that is really HONEST and that is working for the benefit of the human race and not for its own individual political interests. Now the new wave is large corporations starting to show their true colors by making the lives of their employees and shareholders miserable, with the latest stock market scams and a diversion from the true facts. We will then start seeing a shift from scams and the economy to talk of wars. At the end the rich stay rich and the rest GOD will bless them.

It is funny, and what fascinates me about our politicians is one thing. They take part in helping destroying lives and families and separating children from their families. A decision to go and destroy a country or create a war, just many times for personal gain or any hidden agenda and then in the next minute you will see them holding a bible in one hand and their wifeís hand in the other. They are followed by their children on their way to church to pray, and for the press to see. Pray for what! Forgiveness, or showing off as good guys under the umbrella of the Free World or the Capitalistic world. I bet you that deep inside that politician he or she will feel a deep, but vague, sense of emptiness regardless of how much money or prestige that they have. They must have an overwhelming EGO.

Well, my friends that is all wrong! Confessing or talking to your priest is NOT going to provide you with forgiveness you as much as your own Soul will! Some of you might say I donít believe in all of this crap you call Soul. Iíll just leave that here for now, but Iíll get back to that subject another time and Iíll make my point clearer.

As we may have already discovered, our society is lead by governments, and religious leaders. We as humankind have been regressing for many years. Now with all of the technological nonsense we now have we are still not doing anything to change it. For you and I to make any sense out of this, letís go back to the foundation of things. Are you ready to listen, if so letís talk?

You might have enough baggage or scars from your own experiences so that you become numb and care less about what is going on around you. In my opinion, you can make all the difference in the world. Just stand up and start to care about yourself first, and then for the Human Souls in your surroundings. Things have to start somewhere, which begins with YOU and ME as individuals. When we arenít doing anything about our own circumstances, and the environment, then nothing is going to change. Donít get me wrong here. Donít protest and brake windows and hurt each other because thatís not the answer either. When you do not love yourself, and then do not expect anyone to love you. Start by treating people around you as Souls and NOT as a nationality, ethnic group or part of some kind of a status structure.

De-program what you had been taught all these years, and how we have been known to label people. We just need to start seeing people as people, seeing people as Souls, seeing people as Human Beings. They are just like you and I, just Souls in a human body regardless what we see on the outer layer of their body. We must STOP labeling each other in order to start to see the bigger picture, which is to work towards a new understanding of life and a better way to function together. When we accomplish this, then we will start to understand our life, our purpose in it, and what role we play as a Soul in the bigger picture we can our life evolution.

Regardless of your religious background, your culture, or the color of your skin, you were told many things according to rules and regulations that were set into place. May I remind you that many, if not all, of these regulations were made by man? I do not believe any of the prophecies that came into this plane to wake those souls at the time of their arrival to this plane were meant to promote hate, prejudice, labeling, and anger. They all came with a common message of love, peace and compassion. What Man seems to think is the right way, or what should really work in our present world, isnít consistent with this message. Change is desperately needed and has to be started by us. You and me!

Life can be very simple. We are a species that knows best on how to complicate issues for capital gain. Generation, after generation, come and go and always seem to leave us with some new misery, hate, frustration, anger. We keep passing those negative qualities to the next generation. This is unfortunate but it is a fact of life. Please correct me if I am wrong. I might be stupid, but I am not blind. I see whatís around me, even with my eyes closed. All our technology is worth nothing, if our values in life have no value in our mind. Our respect of another human Soul seemingly has no respect to that Soul unless it belongs to the same religious group or its community. But even inside this group or religion we can see envy, jealousy, talking behind each otherís back, and being two faced about it.

They are many famous and influential people out there that are trying to do something to bring some awareness to themselves and to other people in the process, and that is much appreciated. We need more people like that. My concern at the moment is the new generation being brought up now, and what examples we are giving them to set strive for in their lives. Well, we are giving them cheaper drugs (in some cases cheaper than a pack of cigarettes in some countries), we are giving them video games that help them waste their time and their brain. We are giving them magazines with pictures of beautiful models that have probably been manipulated with new technologies to make them appear perfect.

You often see this in teen magazines, and other reputable magazines. On one hand they are sending a subliminal message, through the words in their articles, to treat yourself well, love your body, be good to yourself and then in the same magazine they show beautiful models for a perfume advertisement or other product, with a conflicting set of subliminal messages attached. Does the scent of a perfume change if worn by someone who has an extra 5 or 20 lbs? Or must you be a model for it to smell right? Well, if I were in the shoes of that young woman, I would already be confused from this mixed message. Iíd be depressed and feel a need to stay focused on losing weight and doing something about myself to keep up with these models. Can anyone tell me what is really going on here?

I am going to be honest with you. You may agree or disagree, you decide. I can see that you have already formulated an idea about me in your head, but this is not my concern right now. My concern is to stop playing with the lives of this new generation and to start doing our share in putting values back on-track. Who else will be putting values back to their rightful place, our religious representatives, or other leaders? I think not, religions are too busy fighting each other. The concern of our leaders in government is their own chauvinistic attitudes and inflated Egoís. We are in trouble people! We need to put pressure on the religious leaders and the government, and stop buying the products that you or your family find offensive to you. Stop trying to fit the image that they are dictating, or expecting of you. Just be yourself, otherwise you are going to stay miserable for whatever changes you made to your body or yourself. The changes you make have to be what is right for you, and not done just to cater to what the going fashion is. It does not mean if a celebrity wears something, that you need to wear it. It might not fit your style or suit you. After all, you are who you are, and you cannot change that in an instant regardless what you do. Be happy with the person you are and treasure what you represent and the value you bring to your surroundings.

We live in a world dictated by power, whether we like it or not. This world is motivated by money, power, greed and more money. All this does is cause manipulation, aggression, chaos and for us to live in an illusionary society. We call ourselves a wise species, advanced human beings, but all of this is inflicted in the lives of some young human Souls that will be suffering the consequences of our wrongdoing.

The message in some magazines is noble but their advertisements only create CONTRADICTION and eliminate their good messages. And for what really, and to what extent they will go? Is it about ratings of the magazine? Why do we contradict ourselves as individuals or collectively? Who will be paying the price? Is it our next generation? Can anyone enlighten me?

Well, we are going to look together at the word Ďcontradictioní and what it really means to us as individuals and as a society on the whole. The question comes back to me, ďWhat are you doing with, your life?Ē Nothing, just being glued to your TV set and getting wasted? Please take charge of your life and create a better destiny for yourself before it is too late.

What is Ďcontradictioní in my own mindís dictionary?

Contradiction is the art of saying one thing and doing another that negates your message in a direct or an indirect way. This is the most simplistic definition. I will give you a very simple example here Ė you buy your Lotto ticket every day but you keep saying I will NEVER win the Lottery. If you are buying in order to win but telling yourself that you wonít, you are contradicting what you are doing, or what your initial intent was. Just look at your day-to-day actions and see how many contradictions you experience in just one day! Listen to the way you talk! Watch the way the government, politicians, or religious leaders talk! See for yourself how many times they contradict themselves. We live in a world full of contradictions and we are hitting a dead end!

Look, I am not trying to prove something to you or convert you to spirituality or any other form of ritual. In my opinion, even spirituality is off track these days for what it is supposed to be. What I am trying to show you is that there is a new wave of consciousness that has already existed in our universe which we have been disregarding for such a long time, and it is about time to wake up! This sense of consciousness is based on universal truth, understanding of the universal flow of energy and of our Soul progression. It is not mine alone, it is already there! The only thing that will stop that consciousness, or our flow of energy, or our own growth, is firstly our own contradictions to ourselves, and secondly for all our own actions and reactions in life.

I will leave you with this thought for the moment but we will continue the discussion further, at a later date. We have a lifetime to explore our own truth and our own reality as human Souls in this plane, at this moment, at this time and in this space.

I hope that this will open a small light in your Soul and that you will start to discover your own consciousness. I will explore with you, and try to define the laws of our universe from a consciousness level that is based on a better understanding of the blue print we call our lifeComputer Technology Articles, and to live with unconditional love and compassion. It is something we are not really accustomed to in our life as we now live it. Isnít it?

Joseph Ghabi
The Free Spirit Centre

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Joseph Ghabiís early career began rather Ďtechnicallyí with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and a Master of Science in Computer Science. Always intrigued by spiritual phenomena, Josephís spiritual life began rather early in life.
At the age of eight he discovered his clairvoyance. Joseph is natural medium presently teaching meditation, numerology and healing. Since the development of his healing gift.

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