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Wednesday, April 24, 2019
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What Is Destroying by The High Prices in China?

the price of houses in China is† rather hot topic, almost everyone talked about that everyday. Unde the high price, what is destroying in China now?

††† What Is Destroying by The High Prices in China?

†††††††††††††††† --------------- Regarding the end or a new way of a nation

††††† Recently the prices of houses are rather high, crazy and abnormal which has been witnessed by every citizen here. Under the pressure of such high prices, we can see that all man work hard, anxiety-ridden and throughout their lives. Unfortunately the reality cannot by changed, which has caused some more profound problem about culture, some important things about Chinaís society and culture are missing, whatís more, the spirit of the whole nation and some beautiful things are tearing into segments, throwing out into the shadow of history.

1.†††††† The High Price are tearing traditional culture of full moral spirit and cultivating national value of being pragmatic

Nowadays the high price does not only endanger the peopleís livelihood of the whole society, but also threaten the material survival of common citizen. Imagine that you do not have your own houses, tramping in the vast city, how can you to find the feeling of happiness during the cityís process. Yeah, you can just rent a house for yourself. But you shall be never sure where you will be the next month, or whether you will be suitable when moving into a new place? Millions of years ago, when human finally have the ability to end the life of tramping, starting settlement life and original agriculture, civilization began.

This is just the pressure about material. Once there is a family, in order to get the ownership of the house, the members struggle against each other. An old man bought a new for his child, at length the child evicted the old man. Maybe in the near future, there will be more and more people will join in the struggle just for a house.

2.†††††† The High Price are destroying pure love of the young generation, as well as all the things true, good and beautiful

†† At any time or under any cultural content, love is beautiful living method which is worthy your pursuing by your whole life. For many young girls today, facing reality, if she lives with someone she loved, she may tramp the whole life, if she stay together with someone owning a house, she will never worry about food and clothing.

†† If those girls do not require houses, there will be less people purchasing houses, When finding their marriage partner, the most important thing is house, following abilities, character and appearance. If the high prices continue like this, in the near future, there will be one requirement for you to find your manage partneróthe house. Love will exist in fairy tales.

3.†††††† The High Price in China is destroying a new unearned landlord class, as well as the nationís value and the attainment of the nationís culture.

There exists excessive profit under the high price and attracts a lot of real people. If one person owns a house, especially several sets of houses, nothing he should do, he can just sit at home and living by rents. Undoubtedly there will cultivate a new group of landlord class, he can just earn enough fortune for laziness by speculation and heritage, the premise is that others will send their efforts to him.

4.†††††† The High Price is becoming the mountain on common people, destroying the happiness of Chinese people as well as some other valued and beautiful thins.

The high price in China has made everyone here do not have enough courage for studying, consuming, seeing a doctor when they are sick, touring, listening to concert, making an expensive call to their friends or even buy snacks. What they can do at weekends just to stay at home, let alone some cultural and spiritual pursuits.

Due to the high price, nothing they can do at festival, it is even impossible for them to purchase anything from for friends though the things here are in such a low prices. The high price in China has forced everyone just set money as the final goal in their lives, when a nation lose pursuit of soul and spiritual lifeArticle Search, shall we say that the nation has gone to its end?

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