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Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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FREE Lay Tips Trials Should NOT Only Be For Grading The Profitabilty of a Horse Laying Service!...

Whilst grading a horse laying tipster's FREE lay tips trial, punters repeatedly use the trial the incorrect reasons and jeopardise a potentially champion partnership! Don't copy them...

Any time it comes to making profits from lay tips, no matter how big or small, having the correct mentality is incredibly important and can be the difference between profiting, and losing cash. Let me give you an example of how a person's perception can ruin a potentially lucrative lay tips partnership with your horse laying advisory service...

Picture this...

You've found a lay tips advisory service that, to you, checks ALL the required criteria! The website of the horse laying tipster is very professional looking, and it states that it has a 90% success rate without having a single losing month for a whole decade. Just when you believed it couldn't get any better, untill you come to the part about the 1 month FREE lay tips trial. So of course, you snap it up promptly.

You are absolutely over the moon, you're unable to see with all the pound signs rolling across your eyes. Seem familiar? Your expectations are sky high! The 1st couple of tips go great... they make you money. Then, you're have a loser and as a result of it, all the profits you'd made up till now has been wiped out. This happens time and time again. By the 20th day of the trial, the horse laying tipster advises 2 losing tips, as a result, you are at a loss. Then...

Reminiscent of what the majority usually do, you cancel the FREE lay tips trial and simply cut your loses and move on to the next horse laying tipster on your radar, then you find that the same sort of thing seems to keep happening over and over. How come?... Where did it all go pear shaped?...

In truth, if you picked out the right horse laying advisory service in the first place (and you did, didn't you?), no matter how good they are, they will select horses that actually win their races, meaning, of course, you lose. This will likely rise with the shorter priced lay tips. The point?... there was not necessarily anything wrong with the horse laying tipster's service in the first place, alternatively, the punters psychology, but more importantly, their PERCEPTION was at fault!

When trying out a horse laying tipster's FREE lay tips trial, profits SHOULD NOT necessarily be the deciding factor as to whether you join the lay tips advisory service. Instead, you might want to get your mind right, FIRST. Maybe following lay tips is NOT suited to you... it absolutely is NOT for some!

And since I'm on the topic of FREE trials, I must also talk about the potential pitfalls of subscribing to a horse laying tipster on a monthly plan. Remember, horse laying should be carried out with the long-term in mind, that is why I feel the 1 month subscription package always runs the risk of sending out the incorrect signal to punters. Yeah, only having to pay for 1 month, as opposed to 3, 6, or even 12 months, sounds much more attractive, right?...

But ask yourself this, why the one month subscription more appealing then a longer subscription, even considering the monthly rate for a longer subscription would be far cheaper? To me, the answer is obvious. By subscribing to only one months worth of lay tips, makes it much easier to simply cut your loses and move on if things were to not go the why you expected within the one month period. Now I don't know about you, but that doesn't sound like the mentality of a punter who views horse laying as a long-term investment plan, does it?

Here is where I will conclude...

If you are thinking about paying a horse laying tipster for lay tips, first make sure you carry out your due diligence (read some of my articles on this). Then and only then, you find a suitable lay tipster should you join them. If they offer a FREE lay tips trial, fantastic, but only use it mainly to trial the actual way the horse laying tipster runs their service, and not necessarily for measuring profits in that time. I would recommend to ALL punters to join a lay tips service for at the very minimum, three months. That's a decent amount of time to form a definite opinion about a horse laying service.

Remember... a few loses in quick succession can easily wipe out your profits and maybe even put you in the redPsychology Articles, but that's just all part of the horse laying business. Your aim should always be with a view to make LONG-TERM PROFITS... Following lay tips is NOT a quick road to riches!...

Best of luck!

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