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Thursday, January 21, 2021
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How to Improve Your Golf Swing Speed and Distance

If youíre looking for tips on how to improve your golf swing speed and distance, the following info will help. There are a lot of golfers out there who want to improve their game. They set out to do this by increasing their club head speed, hence increasing the power and distance of their shots. Club head speed is directly related to distance.

Your golf swing speed and physical fitness are two key factors in determining club head speed. You have to be flexible and fit to get the optimal golf swing speed. When you have the right level of fitness you can make the necessary back swing, then release with optimum energy and power for the down swing.

A lot of golfers forget the necessity of the follow through. The follow through is extremely important, as the faster your club face hits the ball, the further it will travel. As a result, a heavier club could hit the ball further than a lighter club. So one change you could make initially is to change to a heavier club so as to increase your distance.

There are other factors at play also, such as the loft of the club. The ball also plays an important role when it comes to distance, but for now letís assume that these factors are constant. All things been equal, speed equates to distance traveled. If you prepare your body for a complete follow through you will strike the ball with maximum force, hence increasing speed and distance. If you do not set up correctly and allow for the follow through you will find yourself pulling back from the shot before you have even hit it.† By just focusing on follow through you can improve your swing speed and get more distance from your shots.

As mentioned your physical fitness is directly related to your ability to strike the ball. There are weight and training exercises for golf that will directly help you in this area. The key is flexibility; and this is where you should focus your training. Did you know that there are 22 types of muscles involved in the make up of your forward swing? If you work on these muscles correctly you will vastly improve your club head speed and as a result of which you will be able to control your shots better.

The good golfers out there use rotational exercises to enhance their flexibility. The focus of these exercises is to strengthen the muscles and loosen the joints relative to the golf swing. When it comes to stretching you can engage in exercises such as twisting from side to side or touching your toes. You can also place a golf club on your shoulders with both arms on it and rotate left to right.

The bottom line is that you improve your rotational muscles hence improving your flexibility. By improving your strengthFeature Articles, flexibility and fitness your golf game will naturally improve also.

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