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Thursday, July 18, 2019
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6 Facts To Know Before Buying 3D Glasses For Children

Having 3D HDTV at home or buying 3D game console will be no fun for children unless they have a smaller size 3D active shutter glasses that fit their face. The whole excitement of 3D may be destroyed totally if the person watching the 3D movie will not be able to see the true depth and 3D effects. You must know a few things before buying 3D glasses for the 3D HDTV.

The 3D glasses have a very important roll in the 3D home theater viewing. The 3D movie consists of twice the amount of image frames than a regular 2D movie. There are ‘separate movie frames’ intended for each eye. The 3D HDTV displays to two movies simultaneously, flickering the images intended for each eye at ultra fast speed.

In order for the brain to compose the 3D images with the depth perspective, it needs each eye to see a different angle of the same ‘frame’ just like as the human sight works. The 3D active glasses do exactly this job, transferring the correct image to the eye it was intended to. The 3D shutter glasses are sync with the 3D HDTV and allowing the eyes to view one frame at a time.

If the line of sight and/or the position of the viewer from the HDTV are not aligned, than the 3D effect will not be perceived by the viewer. In some cases viewer had headaches and dizzy feeling watching 3D with the glasses not fitting properly.
First, if you have children, teen or youth at home they will need their own size of 3D glasses,
Second, you must know that not all the major brands today have 3D glasses for children; you must check this factor before you decide which 3D HDTV you buy. Otherwise you will have 3D at home and your children may have only headaches from it.

Third, 3D active glasses are quite expensive, if the children will not have a pair for themselves they will use the only 3D glasses at home, and those will be yours… It is known that when children handle things, those things tend to break, get lost, and get damaged. It is better that they will have 3D glasses of their own to use.

Forth, make sure you buy children rechargeable 3D active glasses. Children will use the 3D much more than you think, they can see the same movie again and again… The battery 3D glasses will be needed a refill every week! On some 3D glasses is written that they can hold up to 80 hours, but sure enough children will forget to turn them off, and new batteries will be needed.

Fifth, children will want to play 3D games with the new 3D possibilities opened at home, except for the fact that if the glasses do not fit they will not enjoy 3D much, but while playing they move and jump large size glasses may fall off more easily.

Sixth, Children 3D glasses in some brands come in different colors, if you have more than one child at home, it is wise to order two colors so the can differ the two pairs and each have his own pair to use and take care of.

3D HDTV from the top brands cost over $1000, before buying one make sure they have sets of 3D glasses for childrenFeature Articles, or the 3D investment might not be fun for everyone in your home.

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