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Wednesday, February 26, 2020
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Cement mortar anticorrosive pipe on-site matters needing attention

1. Cement mortar spraying machine pipeline failure occurs, must immediately stop, power outages, unloading rear can handle. 2. Work or job is interrupted, the entrance to a pipeline, must be taken to...

1. Cement mortar spraying machine pipeline failure occurs, must immediately stop, power outages, unloading rear can handle.

2. Work or job is interrupted, the entrance to a pipeline, must be taken to prevent falls and ensure pedestrian safety measures.

3. The construction of cement mortar in corrosion protection during curing, wellhead on pipeline must cover tightly, pithead must WeiDang, safety signs.

4. The pipe anticorrosion homework after work, commanders should immediately check homework personnel quantity, confirm that all personnel in the pipeline is withdrawn from the rear can leave the scene.

When 5., must by assignment leader command, the ground entrances should by specialist care and safety signs, tube inside and outside should be keep in touch, mutual echo, coordinated.

6. In the pipe, when the cement mortar inner anti-corrosion, the pipe must be well ventilated; Before entering the pipe, must open the manhole cover for ventilation. In the top, must first detect its internal concentration of oxygen in the air, toxic and harmful gases, confirmed that oxygen in the air and concentration of poisonous and harmful gases after passing in the homework; If not immediately enter the homework, when the top should be test again, again confirm qualified and record; Work must be to the dynamic monitoring of air quality in the working environment, confirm qualified and record.

7. Using centrifugal prefabrication pipe joint in the mortar in construction of anticorrosive, prefabricated field should be drainage unobstructed, shall not pollute the environment, may not be a nuisance; Centrifuge equipment should carry on the construction design, drawing construction drawings; Mechanical equipment installation shall be firm and complete safety devices should be effective, electrical wiring must conform to the construction of electricity to the specific requirements of the safety technical disclosure. The pig in the pipeline, pipeline medium as the power, the internal pipeline scaling property to launch, is the basic principle of pipeline physical cleaning. Because pipelines buried underground, and distance is very long, construction deviation, relic, corrosion and scaling change of landform, and sediment is likely to make the pig in the pipeline, such as running, if there are no special technical support, once the pig in the pipeline, to find it on the ground by the card's exact location, it's troublesome. To overcome the steel material shielding of electromagnetic wave absorption, the radio to send and receive technology applied in underground pipeline cleaning, coating and other maintenance operations, it is the development of modern electronic technology is a new and pipeline of new breakthrough. Foreign scientists in the late 60 s invented electronic positioning pigging technology, make cleaning had great progress.

In the late seventy s to develop electronic positioning pig and its complete sets of testing instruments, prompted the pipeline physical cleaning technology rapid development in China. At present, chemical plants, sewage treatment plant of the sewage pipeline scaling congestion is very serious, brought about great influence production, living, but also cause great damage to environment, using electronic positioning pig technology to wastewater discharge pipeline cleaning is a very necessary job, it can remove the dirt, improve the transmission efficiency of pipe, reducing energy consumption.

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