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Wednesday, January 16, 2019
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3 Tips for Corporate Logo Designers to Avoid Distractions

This article offers some tips to corporate logo artists to avoid distractions when they work. Distractions are caused by phone calls, social media sites and unnecessary applications or programs. Logo designer should avoid these distractions when working.

The designing of corporate logos is quite a hectic task for graphic designers. There are several things to consider such as interacting with clients, understanding of the design brief, researching on the web and so on. A graphic artist has to do a number of things at the same time. Graphic design artists have to do a lot of multi-tasking for finishing corporate logo design projects within tight deadlines. 

In the pursuit of doing numerous other tasks, the primary task of designing gets ignored. It is therefore important that graphic artists should avoid distractions while designing a logo for a corporate client. If you are always busy answering emails, phone calls and visiting social networking sites, where is the time left for designing!

When a big corporate project is in the pipeline, how will you manage time? With too many of these distractions, you simply can’t.

Here we therefore, discuss how these distractions can be avoided to successfully design for a corporate client:

1.  Keep Away from the Phone

It is important to have a designated phone in order to interact with clients. This is the easiest way of for clients to contact you, if there is a need. However, answering too many phone calls will hamper your designing process. Here are some ways you can minimize the use of phone:

-          Keep it on ‘Silent Mode’ – If it is difficult to avoid phone calls completely, keep it on silent mode. By keeping it silent, you will keep receiving important phone calls, but it won’t distract you while you are working on a logo project. You can always check your missed calls when you are free.

-          Inform Clients when You are Unavailable – In order to avoid distractions, you should intimate clients that you won’t be available during certain hours of the day. Inform clients that you would be working on their logos at that time. Working for four hours atleast without getting distracted will help you focus better.

 -          Avoid Smart Phones- While you are at work, keep away from smart phones. These phones are major sources of distractions as they are used for entertainment purposes too. Keeping it near you might tempt you to listen to music. Avoid using smart phones during productive hours.

2. Close Irrelevant Programs or Applications

When you are designing, you should only keep such applications or programs open that are relevant to the designing process. Close all other unrelated programs. Design software applications and the design brief should be the only things that you should keep open. Close the below mentioned programs:

 -      Turn off Instant Messengers – This is the greatest distraction when people you know try to chat with you when you are on an intricate design. Therefore, close all instant messengers. The continuous notification that a friend wants to chat with you will interrupt you, and also make you postpone the work.

 -          Close email Clients - You have already notified clients the time you will be unavailable on phone. The same rule applies in the case of client emails. There is no need to respond to client emails when you are busy. You can read them later at your leisure. Therefore, close email clients while you are logo designing!

 -          Close Browsers – While you are designing a logo, there is no need to surf websites unless you look up an inspirational site for design ideas. If there is no need to surf, you should turn off all web browsers. Else you might be tempted to surf your preferred sites and become distracted.

3. Say ‘No’ to Social Media for a While

Social media is important for designers for marketing themselves and sharing design ideas or inspirations. However, you can keep away from it for the time you are designing a logo. Here are some ways you can avoid being distracted by social media:

 -          Close Social Media Applications – There are some designers who have access to social media applications on their desktop. They don’t need a browser for the purpose. These tools divert a designer’ attention when he is working. Therefore, switch off notifications and close the applications to avoid distractions.

-   Don’t Check - Simply don’t check sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ or Twitter when you are busy creating a corporate logo.

Do you follow the above mentioned tips when you are busy designing? If notHealth Fitness Articles, start doing now.

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