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Sunday, July 21, 2019
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Close Kept Secrets to Weight Loss Lesson #31

Living in the moment is the greatest opportunity we have.  It is all we have.  We get to express in each and every moment our gratitude, our love.  When we do this, our body responds in kind and attracts to itself everything that represents peace and vitality.

Living in the moment!  Just living and breathing in life in each moment of time, not worrying about the past, not worrying about the future…just being!  It seems like it would be so easy, doesn’t it? 

This concept of living in the moment, living in the NOW is the greatest opportunity we have.  Each and every moment we get to evaluate if we’re happy.  Be happy NOW!  If we’re not happy, then what are we going to do to change our mindset? 

How does it benefit us to keep living in the past?  What someone did to us?  What we did to ourselves?  I can remember beating myself up over many things, one of which was not completing my bachelors degree at the age of 22.  I would play the movie over and over again always with the same script.  “Why didn’t I just finish college when I was younger?  I would have been so much further ahead.”  My self-talk was very critical. 

Now, I made it a goal to complete my bachelors degree because it was very important to me so I did end up finishing at the age of 41.  I can remember driving home after my last day of class.  I finally did it!  You think I would have been so elated and so happy.  No!  Where was the feeling that I was supposed to have….that sense of accomplishment?  That feeling of WOW!  I didn’t have it.   

My thoughts all along were once I achieve this, THEN I’ll be happy.  Life will be wonderful WHEN I graduate.  Amazing things are going to happen WHEN I get that degree. 

Guess what did happen?  I got really sick shortly thereafter to the point I thought I was dying. It was the greatest graduation gift I could have given to myself.  I allowed myself to do a lot of introspective work and learn how to change my thoughts from worry to incredible joy. I attracted my illness because there were things I needed to change.   It took some time because my patterns were so deep.   

It was through this experience that the message was loud and clear from God….Help others live as He intends.  What you see today is a woman who is determined to get my message out and thus the reason for these newsletters.  The clear point is focus on yourself, live in the moment and let God manage the rest.  Remember He likes his job and He’s pretty good at it, don’t you think?   

Did you know that your future is created in the moment?  That’s right!  What you’re thinking about right now is being transferred into the future.   If your intentions are to weigh less in the future, then create it NOW by doing all the things that will get you results!  

Eat nutritious foods, cleanse your body, think positive thoughts, exercise, release your stuff using RET and EFT, relax, meditate, use affirmations and belly laugh.  These are tools designed to help you be happy with yourself.   

Right now, be happy!  Take a moment right now and do something that brings you so much joy.  Write yourself a love note expressing gratitude for who you are.  Start it out with Dear Sexy.  Then when you’re done, take your right hand and make a fist and put it on your heart.  In a clockwise motion around your heart, say I love you Sexy and repeat this ten times.  Get up and shake your booty while doing it.   

One more thing, you must put your finger tip on your tongue and then place it on your booty and create that SSSSSSSIZZLE!  Then SHOUT, “I am so HOT, I make fire jealous!”   Shout it so your neighbors hear you.  If you’re reading this at work, shout it so your boss hears you.  Hey, it makes you happy to do it and he or she wants you to be happy, right?     

One disclaimer I must make.  If, by doing the above activity, it results in an actual fire because all the elements (you being so amazingly HOT and vibrant) are there to cause combustion and the fire department has to be called, I am not responsible so don’t call me……unless the firemen are HOT themselves!    

Celebrate who you are and be happy!  Remember your weight loss is created right now! 

Love and hugs, 


Helping you fall in love….with yourself

Tami Close

Weight Loss Consultant

2916 N.W. Bucklin Hill Rd. #291

SilverdaleComputer Technology Articles, WA  98383


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Tami Close helps people fall in love themselves.   She is a weight loss consultant and uses an integrative method, including cleansing and nutritional products from Isagenix, in her weight balancing program.  She is a #1 best selling co-author Wake Up...Live the Life You Love Finding Personal Freedom.

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